Thursday 6 September 2012


Eau de Parfum perfumes differ from Eau de Toilletes (say to-leys).
Difference lies on the level of concentration each drop contains.
More concentrated means lasting fragrance.
While it's not always practical to splurge on perfumes,
it's nice to indulge once in a while.
And when it's given as a gift, then that's a double jump and twist!

A luxurious and feminine scent, Especially Escada carries a joyful, spontaneous, and glamorous spirit. Inspired by the glistening scent of morning dew on a sparkling rose, Especially Escada says luxury, but in a modern and light-hearted way.
Available in : Duty Free Shops, Rustan's, SM Dept. Stores
Price : Php 2,750 (for 30 ml)
♣ Tip : Ask the sales lady if there are available freebies 
when you purchase an item,
since Christmas season is just around the corner!
Photo Credit : Just Jared
 ☺Not too feminine. I'm not sure about you, but I don't like ultra-flowery scents,
and most of the guys don't like strong flower power sniffs too! But again,
your perfume should be your preference. Don't wear scents for others, 
after all -- it's your nose that will sniff in and out your perfume of choice.
Packaging. Prepare to be swept away by this beauty's packaging.
From the bottle, to the box, to its color.
Very classy and sophisticated. Gift material to your special someone.
Uniquely scented. It's really one of a kind. A class of its own.
Haven't sniffed any scent close to this one.

☻Price. Sure it's an Eau de Parfum. But other perfumes
at par with Escada quality have cost-friendlier price tags. (ie. Clinique)

☻Staying power. With its staying power (about 2 hours with 2 whiffs),
I am guessing if it's within the border line of a cologne or perfume.
You may want to store an arsenal like this to complete your special days.
Whether that's an interview, a date or you're one of the bridesmaids or the bride herself,
this will definitely put you on the spotlight. Not to mention, that you could be answering this question countless times. "What's that gorgeous scent you're wearing?"

Remember: Beauty is also skin *sniff* deep. -CMK.

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