Friday 7 September 2012


Shopping through the clicks of your fingers. I think that's one of the strength online shopping has. Summed up into one word. Convenient!  While I honestly don't have so many online shopping experiences, one fashion site (which is Makati, Philippines based, by the way) tickled my fancy.

For one, I've received good reviews via word of mouth. Do you know that personal recommendations are the 'strongest' good review? Specially coming from your trusted friends? The major issue that I encounter with online shopping is that the item looks fab on the site, but wait till you get the real one. 

But - this site boasts of getting as is products! All the more that I want to  hurry back home and click through the most buzzed about fashion shopping site within my circle of friends.  With that, I wish to fill you guys in what happened with my first encounter with ShopThisEasy.

Website : ShopThisEasy (click HERE)
What's in store? Fashion (Men and Women), Jewelry
Home & Living, Cute Couple Items, Health & Beauty
Range : From less than a hundred to less than a thousand (they're here!)
Like them on Facebook by clicking HERE.


Fashion Forward. Look at the site - one glance and you'll see what I mean.
From dresses, to tops to rompers, you'll have your fashion craving satisfied.

 What you see, is what you get. Remember my dilemma on
what's on the online picture and what's the item in real life?
Well, take it from me that the pics and real items are generally the same.
Accurate Delivery Date Promise - Granted! I received a notification mail,

4th of September. And I got the package 5th of September (around 8pm)!
Note that this depends per area (safest is to allow 2-3 days buffer).
Affordable. Okay, I got a trench coat, sheer chiffon blouse and
golden chain necklace  with ribbon for only less than Php 1,300!
See for yourself below!

Can't you tell that someone's feeling like a child with a package? Tee hee >:)
 Here's a snapshot of my check out page (down below). 
The process is really easy. If you can do Facebook, this will be an easy peasy.

☻Size Variation. I wish they can cater plump Pinays.
Noticed that majority of their sizes are from small to mid-large range.
☻New Stock Alerts! It would be best if subscribers
can get some form of alert each time a new collection arrives on the site.

Do you want to see the items inside the package? I know you do!

Gold Chain Ribbon Necklace - Php 149.00 (click HERE)
Smart Look Chiffon Office Top - Php 529.00 (click HERE)
Fashionable Long Trench Coat - Php 569.00 (click HERE)

What are you waiting for? Quality Fashion at the tip of your fingers!
Stay stylish and beautiful. You deserve it! -CMK.



  1. Love the collection on this site for apparel.

    1. Thanks Reann! I agree! is such one fashionable and budget friendly site! ♥♥♥

  2. Ganda ng mga nabili mo sis. Subukan ko din mag online shopping sa shopthiseasy.

    Great review!

    1. Oh! Thank you :) Yup - let me know of your experience sa shopthiseasy. :) Also - you can like their FB page too - they post updates there. ♥

  3. this is very helpful ^_^ And you're right, the selections are just amazing! ♥

    1. Thanks R.A. (^^) I agree! Specially their dresses. Super heart! ♥

  4. Hola! Do you know any online shopping sites like this? Salamat :)

    1. Heya Ada! Hmm.. That sounds tricky. To be honest I'm not a frequent online shopper. But you may want to try the clothes of :)

    2. Err...How did you pay it?through?What kind of payment method?

    3. Hi Ada - you may wanna try their payment via 7-11 stores option. That's the easiest payment scheme for me :)

    4. Hi Ada , you may try this at facebook .
      facebook name : Sis Shopaholicz

  5. ang mura ng mga items :) will definitely try this online shop naghahanap kasi ako ng reviews ng shop na to para safe ^_^ anyway nag try nadin ako sa iba like okay din naman halos same price sila. hmmm tatry ko din tong bago.


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