Wednesday 5 September 2012


Beauty in a Bottle.
Your make up only looks as good as your skin underneath.
That's a good point to start when investing in any make up products available.
My sentiments are always with the college students who want to look
fab and chic even with their not-so-luxurious budget status.
To you bellas, here's a treat for you.
Myra Vita Glow has been around for quite some time,
but isn't it nice to rekindle an old flame specially with quality product like this?

Myra Vita Glow Tinted Moisturizer
Price : Php 139.75 (approximately)
Available in all leading  beauty shops, drugstores, even groceries!

It's a one stop shop. Moisturizer. SPF. Foundation, among others.
It's from UNILAB (United Laboratories). That's a trusted brand and since
they're expanding to beauty products, I think it's worth every penny.
Matte Finish. I love how the pea-sized substance clasps to
my skin giving me a matte coverage.
Lasting coverage. Give it a whole day. Since it's matte, it stays long(er).
SPF 15. Okay - redundant. But - I'm stressing the point that for
a lil beyond a hundred, you're getting all these benefits.
Perfect for Everyday Makeup. Very much suitable for Pinay everyday skin regimen.

Foundation should be your second skin.

Color Availability. I know there's an ivory and beige.
But I recalled there's not too much of a choice for other skin colors.
Easy on application. Noticed that it has a tendency to cake
giving you unwanted lines if you overspread the product to a specific area.
Packaging. Hmm, it wouldn't hurt to amp up the whole tube a bit.
So as to make it par with all its fonda competitors.

It's  a good best and wise buy. Think of all the goodness in one bottle 
for a priceworth a cup of Starbucks coffee!
Remember that Foundation (liquid or powdered) should be your second skin.
Tip : To find your perfect color match, apply some foundation on your jaw line,

if it disappears (virtually) - chances are it matches your skin tone perfectly.

Have fun doing your own version of 'coverage'. Tata! -CMK

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  1. I'll look for this product. Hope it's still available. Thanks for the review Miss K :)


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