Sunday 3 June 2012


CMK at the Shu Uemura Event

Somehow a sister of nautical fashion trend, Striped Skirt ramps a bit formal slash laid back attire. Think wearing one is confined within the 4 walls of your board room? Nah. Some helpful tips before you wear that Striped Skirt:

♣ Since the in-color for this skirt is black and white, add a pop of color on your top.
♣ Best worn with heels, I know, but I'm anticipating a walkathon in the pic above. #excuses :)
♣ To spray a bit of color sense on your overall haul, pair it with a black or white bag.
♣ Tuck it in! Style accentuates your hips so you have to tuck in your top.

Wearing this style is also on the to-do list of some international celebrities.
There are 2 in our fashion plate today.

1st is Kelly Ripa.
Loving the navy blue and striped skirt duo. A touch of simple accessories definitely nailed it!

Photo Credit : Google Images

2nd is an equally stunning beauty.
Clue : She's part of Grey's Anatomy and the star behind 27 Dresses.
I love how she put on a knit top one the 1st peg, then removed it to show off her porcelain shoulders on the 2nd peg. Here she comes with a wave!

Photo Credit : Google Images

So the next time you're having 2nd thoughts of buying a seemingly office staple,
you definitely know how to strut the style effortlessly
not only on a workday,
but every fashionably gorgeous day! - CMK


  1. I'm loving that striped skirt! It can be worn for either casual or formal. :)


    1. Thanks Jess! I agree... striped skirts are so versatile that it can be worn from day to night!

      I find your blog super cute. Armed with Style. We Are! :) ♥

  2. Yesterday Only I bought a nice stripped skirt But i was confused about what to wear on top?..but now I decided to wear Nice T-tube with a nice formal watch like Kelly...Thanks for this post & helpful post:)

    1. Wow that is a nice slash sexy idea Babashop! :) You are welcome dear and thanks for dropping by. Hope to hear more from you soon. ♥

  3. A classic piece and can be worn in both casual or formal occasions :D


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