Monday 4 June 2012


Peach is a color close to my heart. 
Thing is when pink was not yet generally acceptable, 
I can color me peach anytime I want. 
Now, I know, I've been unfaithful and 
turned tables in favor of pink shades :)

However, I still love to go back to good ole peach.
There's 2 products I ♥ to use to achieve the perfect Peach.

Lipstick : Meet Maybelline Pink Peach
Lip Gloss : Meet Fanny Serrano's True Light in Light Tulip
Note : FS True Light is technically a liquid lipstick

You can see on the swatch above 
that the Light Tulip is so creamy.
It may me a happy thought for some but for those
who prefer matte finish, I suggest do away with liquid lippies.

When you don't have much time,
these 4 fool-proof steps would do:

1. Apply a lip balm, leave for 2 minutes.
2. Swipe the Pink Peach lipstick.
3. Finish it with 2 coats of Light Tulip Liquid Lipstick.
4. You may opt to dab the excess shine,
using a tissue paper as needed.

Compliments well with some cute pale red blush,
this will illuminate the luscious lips more. 
With your lips and cheeks shining,
take a step back on your eye shadow, or else clown alert!
That's it! Strut the best peach in you! -CMK

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