Tuesday 5 June 2012


There was one era when denim from top to bottom was known to be out of fashion but hey, along with the burst of spring rains (Hello June!) - comes a new wave of fashion ensemble. I remember on my grade school days when I was fond of denims. And how nostalgic - it's making a comeback. 

One should be cautious though before donning a denim getup. Better safe, rather than being mistaken of having "Laki Sa Layaw Jeprox" peg.

♣ Most denim tops work well with shorts + sneakers (or flip-flops).
♣ Better if you wear one denim at a time.
♣ Light washed or denim-faux top is a must buy this season.
♣ For some reasons, celebs find denim top + shades rock worthy.

♣ Don't wear a denim top and bottom with the SAME color and texture.
♣ With tropical country like ours, best to avoid very thick denim garments.
♣ While light washed denim top and dark denim pants rock - please don't wear leather/denim shoes.
That would be too much.

With a new school year on the way - this might be a perfect day to night outfit. Here are some style inspiration that will fuel up your fashion minds! Spotted 2 femmes with my favorite cup of joe - CBTL. Sweet!

Next logical question - where to find these rock-star-best-friend in Manila?

Here are some shops that I spotted with the good loot:

* Bayo (found one on their stall for approx Php 1,200)
* Penshoppe
* Bench
* Zara
* Forever 21
* Kamiseta
* SM Ladies Fashion

Available on all major malls. Next weekend, you know what fashion top to raid! Beat that! -CMK.

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  1. Mine is from Penshoppe & I love it ;D


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