Tuesday 21 May 2024

3 Summer Car Maintenance Tips


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The summer season is one of the most anticipated of the year. When it rolls around everybody wants to make sure that they are outside having as much fun as possible whenever they can. 

The higher temperature and longer drives as you take your family and friends on outdoor adventures, such as road and camping trips can put a strain on your vehicle. 

Here are some essential summer car maintenance tips that you should consider to keep your vehicle running efficiently. 

Consider Your Tire Performance 

Heat can have a significant impact on your tire performance. It's important that you keep these maintained to ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly and safely. You must make sure that you are checking your tire pressure.

Even if it is a new vehicle or a “new” used one that you found on Edmunds, you must take the time to check your tires regularly especially during the heat. The newness of the vehicle and the recency of the tire installation does not exclude them from a check. 

As temperatures rise higher pressure can increase significantly and take a toll on new tires. Check your tire frequently and adjust it to the manufacturer's recommended levels. The last thing you want is a blowout when you are in the middle of having your summer of freedom and fun.

Check the tread depths of your tires as well. When summer storms start to roll out it can make roads slippery. You need to ensure that your tires have adequate treading to keep traction so you don't have any scary incidents of slippage occurring.

Inspect Your Cooling System 

This is one of the most important systems that you're going to want to have up and running during the summer. Throughout the summer your cooling system is going to be doing a lot of work. This is why you have to make sure it is in tip-top shape. 

Check your coolant levels and make sure that it is not evaporating due to high temperatures. Topping up the coolant is a must so make sure there's a proper mix of water and antifreeze to prevent any more heating. 

Be sure to eyeball your radiator to ensure that it is not getting any leaks and blockages. Clean the fins of the radiator to ensure that efficient cooling will take place.

Prepare for Emergencies 

Amidst all the summer fun there may be a few surprises with your vehicle. You need to be prepared for them. Emergencies can happen at any time so you need to have an emergency kit in your car that includes basic tools such as jumper cables and roadside flares

Remember that high temperatures can trigger things you may not have thought about so it's always best to be prepared. Another thing you should do is ensure that you always have a spare tire that is in good condition. so that you can change your tire should you encounter any problems with it on the road.

Always make sure that you are prepared so that you don't feel stressed out if anything happens.


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