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How To Enjoy Cheese And Still Be Healthy


Cheese is such a delicious ingredient, and many people absolutely love it. One of the biggest issues with cheese is that it can be used in so many ways, which does mean that it’s easy to overindulge when it comes to eating it. However, as much as that’s a negative thing, it can be turned into a positive thing, and there are also other ways to enjoy cheese and still be healthy, as strange as that might seem. 

Cheese has a high fat content and is full of calories, so you might just assume that cheese isn’t something that’s compatible with a healthy lifestyle. Don’t worry, though; you can eat cheese and still be healthy, as long as you take the right approach. With that in mind, keep reading to find out more. 

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Choose Wisely

Bear this in mind - not all cheeses are the same. That’s probably something you already know, and you’ll more than likely have your favorite kind of cheese, so you know that it’s true. But did you know that some cheeses are healthier than others? Cheese such as feta, mozzarella, and goat cheese are typically lower in fat than some other cheeses, like brie or blue cheese, for example. 

Therefore, if you pick a healthier type of cheese to add to your meal or put in your sandwich (or whatever else you want to do with your cheese, including making this strawberry cheesecake recipe you have to try), you can still enjoy cheese, but it won’t be so bad for you. Plus, choosing between cheeses made from organic or grass-fed milk can be better for your health because they tend to have higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. 

Practice Portion Control

Cheese is delicious, and there’s no two ways about that, and that’s a problem when it comes to your health, because you might just tell yourself that just a little bit more won’t hurt. However, just a little bit more can easily turn into a lot more, and in the end, you could be eating far too much cheese (and the same is true for any food you like that’s bad for you when you eat too much of it, like chocolate or cookies, for example). 

Therefore, practicing portion control is absolutely vital, and although it might be hard to start with, it’s something you can definitely get used to and it will be so much better for your health once you get it right. 

Instead of piling your plate with cheese, or layering slice after slice of in a sandwich, you need to consider how much a standard, healthy, portion size should be. A serving size of cheese is generally about one ounce, which might not be all that helpful, but if you think of two dice next to one around, it’s about that size. When you’re able to keep your portions in check, you can enjoy cheese and not go overboard. 

Pair With Healthy Food

Something else that can help make cheese more healthy (as far as it’s possible to do, of course!) is to pair that cheese with nutrient-rich food like fresh fruits and vegetables, or perhaps whole grains. 

Think of a cheese board as a good way to understand this - you’ll have your cheese, but you’ll also have a load of other tasty things like grapes, apples, and various berries. Not only does it mean you won’t eat as much cheese because you’re replacing your larger portion size with healthy alternatives, but you’ll also find it even tastes better because you’ve got some new and exciting flavor profiles to try. 

Try Different Cooking Methods

When you think of cheese, what kinds of dishes do you think of? It could well be quite rich and indulgent dishes like mac and cheese, for example, but there are actually quite a few different ways to cook with cheese that can make dishes much lighter and less unhealthy. 

One option is to incorporate cheese into dishes that are roasted, grilled, or baked, rather than fried or that come with heavy, rich sauces. You could, for example, have a grilled vegetable and feta salad, or what about butternut squash with a sprinkling of parmesan on top? These, and plenty of other dishes, can be so tasty with just the smallest hint of cheese, helping to keep you healthy and your taste buds happy. 

Think Of The Other Ingredients 

When you’re enjoying cheese, just be aware of the other ingredients that might come with it or that could be in the dish as well - even a small amount of cheese (the right portion, in other words) that you might think of as being healthy could be bad for you if it’s included in a dish full of cream, butter, or processed ingredients, for example. 

Make sure that you prepare healthy dishes overall, and adding a little cheese to them really won’t be an issue at all. 


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