Friday 11 February 2022

Skipping Wedding Traditions and Focusing on What Really Matters

While there's nothing wrong with keeping wedding traditions, you can always make it more fun and still have a beautiful modern wedding. Some traditions may be worth keeping, but there are some that are just not working anymore. Still, it's a subjective thing to decide on whether it's in or out. In fact, you don't even have to listen to what the trends, traditions, and society say about how your wedding should be. Sure, you can use them as guides, but the decision is up to you and your partner at the end of the day.

While planning, you should decide whether you should go on with a tradition or not. It really depends on you and your partner. Go for a wedding planner that you get along with and can improve your already brilliant ideas. You can use professional 3D image rendering service with them to make you see what looks good or whether you want to change your mind about something.

Wearing a white gown or a classic tux

This is a very common change from tradition. Not as many as grooms have skipped wearing suits, but many brides have already worn their preferred wedding dress color, and it's proven to have made them happy and satisfied. Hell, she doesn't even have to wear a dress if she doesn't want to. She can wear a suit and pull it off, probably even more than her groom.

Of course, the same applies to the groom. He doesn't have to wear a tie if he doesn't want to. You can always turn everything around and still look perfect for a wedding ceremony.

Having themes or color schemes

Unless these things reflect you as a couple, you don't have to keep strict on a theme or color scheme. You can do one of those weddings where you don't stress out your guests on what to wear or make everything match. Maybe matchy-matchy is overrated, and it's time to blow it off.

Of course, you don't have to scrap the matching thing entirely. You can just broaden your guests' choices a little. Perhaps limit them from wearing something floral or a particular color or shade. You can allow women to wear pants and let men choose if they want to put on a tie or not. Plus, bridesmaids and groomsmen don't even have to match their outfits.

The best man and the maid of honor

Let's make this simple. A man can be a bride's male of honor while a woman can be a groom's best woman. Sex and gender shouldn't matter in these things, just like you're allowed to be best friends with the opposite sex.

A formal or scripted ceremony

While getting married is a serious event for a couple, your ceremony doesn't have to be so formal and awkward. What about those scripted vows? Okay, of course, you can prepare your vows, but don't you think memorizing or reading it would make it seem like it's just for show? If you really need to read it so you won't miss anything, that's totally fine. But you can consider impromptu wedding vows.

Another thing is you don't have to get a minister or clergy to perform your ceremony. If you prefer an intimate wedding, you can have one of your closest friends marry you.

A traditional wedding cake

There are lots of food and recipes in the world. Why settle for a traditional cake? There are a lot of wedding cake alternatives out there that can give you ideas. You can make it a macaron tower, a churro, an oreo, or a mini-donut tower. You can have a breakfast food caterer and make your wedding cake a pancake tower, waffle, or cinnamon rolls. It doesn't even have to be something sweet. You can go for a cheese block tower or other savory pastries.

Inviting people who mean nothing to you

You don't have to invite people you're not even close with, whether they're friends from high school who you don't really keep in touch with anymore, your parents' friends, or the second or third cousins you've never even met. More importantly, don't feel the pressure to invite everyone just to spare their feelings. Weddings are supposed to be intimate and comfortable and you're supposed to be around people who mean a lot to you.

These items are purely just suggestions to give you ideas on how you want to spend your wedding. Frankly, the things that you worry about the most don't even matter. Whether you want to keep a tradition or invite as many people as your budget can, you can definitely do so. Another important thing is, do not to do anything that puts too much pressure and stress on you. It's your wedding, and even the planning part should be as enjoyable as the wedding itself for you and your partner.


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