Saturday 7 September 2019


There's a park gym nearby our flat. How cool is that? Honestly, we rarely go here but since the sun was shining, we decided to go for an afternoon walk. There's been a lag in my blogging recently because I hit a road block and veered away from writing for a while. Actually, this thought has been on my mind for years. I was thinking of creating a YouTube channel. People around me have been encouraging me too. It's no surprise that YouTube is a promising platform and its potential is endless. After weeks of careful research and soliloquy, I decided that it's not for me. I am too private and the post production process are one of the many factors why I think it's not for me (at least for now).

Moving on.

I am still doing intermittent fasting (IF) and I intend to do it for life. This is one of life changing habits I made this year. I am so thankful that fateful night at the hotel (story time HERE). I've been doing this for five months now since I started last March. Here are some updates:

My period returned to its monthly schedule
Sorry this is TMI. Albeit not on the dot regular, as always the case for me anyway, I'm happy to report that I don't have months that I never had a period. This is very important for me because having a period, even if it's so uncomfortable, is a way for women to detoxify themselves. I don't go over 16 hours fast because I noticed that my body reacts differently if I fast longer than that.

Healthy fats does wonder
IF usually works best with Ketogenic (low carb diet). But there's such a thing as dirty keto (all bacon, fatty meat, etc.) My challenge the past days is I tend to under eat which is bad because hunger is my migraine trigger. It's all a learning process for me but now I am getting better at it. If I think I'll go hungry within my fasting period, I sneak in some avocado with Himalayan salt on my salmon and egg.

My fat percentage went down by 5%
And that is such a pleasant surprise! Doing IF makes me feel that I'm doing something good about my health every day, what's better is I'm seeing results. I used to think I can out-exercise my diet but it's not true (at least for me). I also realised the truth that probably most of you already know: fats don't make you fat. Sugar does.

Better sleep quality
I've touched on this before but now I'm so sure that it's IF that improved the quality of my sleep. I usually eat dinner (aka last solid meal of the day) before 6:30 pm and I noticed I sleep soundly without needing to get up in the middle of the night to get my 'fix'. It didn't dawn on me that I was sugar dependent before IF. I literally needed to wake up around 3 am to bite a protein bar or a banana and now looking back I am so relieved to find a cure on this dependency.

Exercise for happy hormones
Years ago, I exercise with the view of losing weight. However, based on my experience, I realised that this alone won't help me achieve my goal. These days, I exercise because it makes me feel good after. I think it's important to know this, otherwise, we'll feel disappointed. Something needs to change especially with the frequency of our eating. We always hear the words: Be kind. I think we should be kind to our bodies as well. We can be so by maintaining a peaceful disposition, nourishing it on a timely manner and fuelling it with good, quality, real food. -CMK

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