Thursday 2 May 2019


The arrival of a new baby always causes a lot of excitement, and it’s not surprising that everyone wants to be the first to welcome the little one into the world. Whether you’re an excited aunty-to-be, an enthusiastic granny-in-waiting or a fervent best friend, we’ve got a great selection of baby gifts to inspire you…

Welcome Home Sets
Perfect for babies and new parents, welcome home sets can be the ideal baby shower gift. Featuring a range of products, from must-haves like bibs and bottles to cute clothes and onesies, you can opt for a pre-packaged set or create your own. If you want to get a little treat for the new Mum, there are plenty of ‘Mother and Baby’ sets available too. With a mix of luxurious body lotions for Mum and soothing comforters for baby, these sets are sure to be a hit.

Milestone Cards
For a fun and quirky gift, milestone cards can’t be beaten. Slogans and celebrations, such as ‘4 Weeks Old Today’, ‘Today I Smiled For The First Time’ and ‘Last Night I Slept For Four Hours!’, will create the perfect picture opportunities as baby grows. Give your loved ones milestone cards and they’ll have the perfect pics to create a baby yearbook or share baby’s milestones online with family and friends.
Whilst it might be a while until baby is reading, it’s never too early to introduce them to the world of literature. New ‘BabyLit’ ranges are cropping up and they make the perfect baby shower gifts. Designed to teach little ones colours, counting and more, these fab books incorporate characters and locations from classic books.

Activity Mats
Every parent needs to keep their hands free from time-to-time and an activity mat is the perfect way to keep baby entertained and safe. Choose moving features, colours and lights to keep baby occupied and stimulating, or go for a soft, relaxed vibe if you want something baby can relax with before bed.

Soft Toys
Soft toys are a classic baby shower gift and they’re much-loved by babies and parents alike. For a modern spin, choose toys with incorporate rattle sounds, soothing music or low lights. These double up as interactive toys and soothers, so, depending on the toy you choose, you can keep baby busy or help get them to sleep.

Baby Shoes
There’s something irresistible amount tiny little shoes and socks, so it’s not surprising that people love receiving footwear for their new arrival. Adidas kids shoes come in all sizes and they’re the perfect sporty gift for a little one. Choose from baby-sized pumps and trainers to give an adorable gift at your next baby shower.

Personalise Your Present
Whatever you choose for the new arrival, make it unique by personalising it. Almost anything can be personalised and there are a variety of ways to make a gift original. Add the baby’s name, date of birth and footprints to a blanket, photo frame or soft toy, and you’ll give them a gift they can treasure forever.

Matching Robes
A new Mum always needs a robe or dressing gown to hand. Whether it’s midnight feeds, sleepy mornings or frequent changes after burping, a luxurious robe can make all the difference. To treat a new Mum (or Dad!), splash out on a soft, cashmere robe. For ultimate cuteness, why not go for a matching robe for baby too? Go for soft and snuggly or pick a bathrobe with cat’s ears and a tail for something fun!

Toy Subscription
Parents and babies can get overwhelmed at the number of gifts they receive when they first return home, but a toy subscription is the perfect way to pace your presents. Delivering age-appropriate gifts at regular intervals, this baby shower gift just keeps on giving.

Cosy Blankets
When there’s a new baby around, you can never have too many blankets. Available in a variety of colours and styles, you can select the perfect blanket and have a great budget-friendly baby shower gift on hand.

Family Tree
For a unique gift idea for parents and new babies, why not research and create a family tree to include the new addition? Genealogy Bank offers resources to help users trace their family history, enabling you to bring up results from your family tree in seconds.

Choosing Baby Shower Gifts
If an impending birth leaves you worrying about what baby shower gift to get, ask the parents-to-be for some ideas. There may be items they particularly want or need, and they may already have a gift registry set up to give you some inspiration. If you’re planning on buying a big gift, like a pram or cot, always check with Mum and Dad first as they may already have something in mind. For gifts which will always be needed, play it safe and opt for onesies, clothes, books and baby shoes.


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