Wednesday 19 December 2012


1. Giving happens before success. Giving usually starts small.
Don't wait till you're successful before you give.
For all you know, it takes giving to be successful.
2. Everybody is poor emotionally. Lacking love, lacking affection.
3. Everybody loves to receive gifts.
4. Yes, you are wise if you are selfish.
But you are wiser when you are self-less.
5. You've got to know the secret to prosperity... giving.

Useful. Functional. May gamit. May silbi.
♣ Needed. Wanted. Desired.
Gift should say "Specially for you."
Not "To whom it may concern..."
Fitting. Think: color, style, size.
For crying out loud, DON'T give underwear 
sa mga hindi mo ka-close. Ever. (Haha!)
♣ Pleasing and satisfying.
What lies after the gift box has been opened?
♣ Expressive of your sentiment.
Proportionate (to your gratitude).
Uplifting. Kapag ba may exchange gift, lugi sila and tubo ka?
Gifts are better when it's surprising, thoughtful and creative.
Gifts can do wonders!

I won't sacrifice anything to the LORD that cost me nothing. -King David
Will a man rob God? Yet you rob me. Do  you think I don't know? -God on tithing
Kung may utang na loob ka, mag regalo ka! -Kuya Ed
**This is an excerpt from my notes on Kuya Ed's talk entitled Godly Gift Giving.**

Makes me reflect. Very helpful and 
timely insight on this time of giving!

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