Monday 3 December 2018


There's an abundance of coffee shops in London, I'd dare say it is hard to go wrong. Here are the coffee shops that we frequented this year. Things that I look for in a coffee shop: a) coffee (obvs), b) ambiance, c) toilets and d) pastries.

The Gentleman Baristas (pictured). We usually order their brunch dish called: The Feast. It's a combination of their sourdough bread, mashed avocado, sweet and chili sauce, chorizo and poached eggs. Ole & Steen. Latest addition this year. Their cinnamon social is heavenly (here's a SNAP). We discovered it when we went to Copenhagen then was delighted to know they put up a London store summer of this year. Sunday mornings usually mean a breakfast at this place. Pret A Manger. My all time fave. Their menus are seasonal and this winter, their take on lasagna is one of the reasons I want to go out in the cold. My usual coffee means a latte with oat or soya milk. I'm starting to regret why I decided to write this post at six in the evening. ☕️-CMK

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