Saturday 4 August 2018


Morocco. It's the first country within the African continent I visited. I've front loaded all my travels during 2018's first quarter. We visited Marrakech last March 2018 and it's a culture-enriching experience. Four hours away from London Gatwick, we were greeted by greens, blues and browns all around. Food was interesting, there's this healthy, all organic restaurant (look for our courgette spring rolls and citrus shake) that we've frequented during our almost week-long stay. We also had our favourite crepe place overlooking the mosque across Old Marrakech. Moroccan food is different from what I've been eating all my life, quite a refreshing contrast. 

My picture was taken from Jardin Majorelle (Majorelle Garden), within it lies Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) museum. It's very picturesque, the place is beaming with elegance and sophistication. Marrakech is divided into two: Old and New Marrakech. You'll see the class divide straight away. People in general are very hospitable, though watch out for pedlars because they can be sometimes pushy. We enjoyed our market shopping for teas and other goods. We ended up buying tea leaves and eucalyptus (my only regret is we should've bought more of those tea leaves!) plus a bamboo trivet (that thing you put under a hot pot) because I particularly loved its practicality and simple yet intricate design.

My most favourite part of the trip is our hotel! It's fit for a king! We stayed at Dar Karma Riad and it's the best hotel stay I've had! Staff are super, extra nice. You'll appreciate the place's tranquility and even if it's way too cold that time to dip in the pool, we've decided to try their traditional bath - it was so good! My skin feels brand new after.

Is it safe to travel to Marrakech? I'd say yes but do your research first. It's not as accessible and safe compared to Europe but I don't feel uncomfortable at all. I don't recommend a solo travel (especially if you're a female) if you ask me... but that's just my opinion! If you're thinking of booking your flight to Morocco... go for it. You'll definitely love the vibrance and culture the country has to offer. Did I mention that their crepes are insanely good too? -CMK


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