Friday 9 March 2018


There's something magical about paper. In this day and age of being in the 'cloud', I am still old fashioned in terms of reading and writing. I'm embracing the technology (hence this blog for seven years... crazy, right?!), but on a personal level, I still like to read and write, tick my to-do list on paper. It just works for me. Today, I'd like to share with you my latest joys. Two of these are from TK Maxx. I got a tip from one of my favourite UK based bloggers, Corrie of Dizzy Brunette. Her blog is a happy pill. I got each notebook for around £7.00 if I remember correctly. That's the black one and the pink slash marbled one. I usually use them for work. It's just an added boost of motivation if I get to see those pretty things when I'm doing work. I am a consultant working at central London during weekdays so this blog is my respite from my profession. Don't get me wrong, I like what I do but sometimes you just need a break to refresh yourself from the 9-5.

What's with the random picture above? Teehee. Nothing really, it just occurred to me that most of us clamour for 'that' perfect shot. We go through so much to polish our online footprint but oh well, surprise surprise! No one's perfect. Seriously, that's just me trying to follow Gab's instruction to look natural but instead I look like I'm lost in the woods! Haha! Moving on - my 2018 diary is from a creator called Busy B. I got mine from Amazon. This is a perfect planner for me. Aesthetically pleasing, clean and functional. It even has free stickers too! I won't lie - I don't write as often as I'd like to but the month in a glance is a game changer. Especially when merging my work, holidays, personal and a few blog commitments.

I'm nearly done with my old notebook and I'm not sure which one to use first (decisions, decisions)! I think I'd go for the pink and marble one because *drumrolls please* spring is comingggg!!! 💐🌷🌈-CMK


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  1. Writing is always my first love unfortunately it is also the most neglected one.

    Lately I started writing again. I realized too that writing becomes more spontaneous since I began exercising and meditating in the morning. I'm not sure if there's some correlation between my new morning routines and writing but it is definitely working.



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