Sunday 3 December 2017


Aren't we all grateful FOOD was invented? Oh my gosh, my first love is food... I can definitely say that! My heart skips a beat and my eyes grow wide open when it's time to eat. At a tender age of eight, I have come to terms with the fact that I cannot be a Victoria's Secret model because I just love to eat! That plus there's a height requirement too. 2017 has been a year full of good eats and I am thankful. This post chronicles some of the goodies that have graced my plate {and tummy}.

The chocolate mousse on top is one of my creations. And so are these oatmeal chocolate cookies below. I can't count the times I've made these cookies. I don't use eggs when I bake, I use chia egg instead {chia seeds diluted with water}. Not that I'm a vegan. I just want the consistency brought about by chia egg.

When we visited Brussels, we found the MOST amazing sushi place ever. I believe it's called SushiOui. The mussels and clam chowder was from our Belgium trip as well.

There was a phase when we bake an aubergine beef lasagne every week. It's protein packed, took a bit more time and effort to prepare but it was all worth it in the end.

During summer, there's an abundance of nice creams here in London. I won't lie, real ice cream tastes better but it's not too late to give this one a shot. What's better is you can make one right at the comfort of your own home.

Well, this one is a no fail sugar fix. Until now, my flat will not be without this PBB peanut butter. It's so tasty and has less oil. You need to dilute them with water. I put them on anything. In this case, it's with coconut yogurt and berries. It's a hit on banana pancakes too.

This, ladies and gents, is what you call THE FEAST. It's from The Gentlemen's Baristas. We usually spend our late Saturday mornings there at least once a month. It's clean, fresh and satisfying. I like their chocolate banana bread too. PS: I'm starting to regret my life choices of writing this blog post on a Saturday night, exactly 9:43 pm. 😅

This is a room service food when I did a business trip from Guernsey. Who says hotel food are not nice? Their mussels are fresh and let's not even begin to talk about how uh-mazing their Malteser cheesecake is. More about my trip in Guernsey HERE.

These brownies are taken from Kingston summer market. It's memorable for me because I was with my mum when I took the picture. It was one of my 2017 highlights. And oh, I got the peanut butter brownies just in case you are wondering. Do you know that penguins can afford not to eat between two to four months especially during winter? Oh gosh, thinking about that makes me hungry! -CMK


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