Saturday 2 December 2017


December is upon us and whilst it is easy to suddenly be stressed about shopping, festivities and countless parties... I thought it is a good time to stop, inhale and list all the things that I am sincerely thankful for. This month is pivotal. It marks the last period of the year, most countries get longer nights that allows us to spend our time indoors and therefore encourages us to relax and tell ourselves it's okay, we don't need extravagant happenings all the time. That 'boring' is sometimes better compared to boisterous night outs. To start things off, I am thankful for...

I'm sure I've said it before but I find it amazing that nature knows when is an opportune time. It knows when the leaves should fall and when it's time for flowers to bloom again. It is comforting to know that if the trees know when the time is right, something inside of us know when should we do or not do things. Looking at the skies, river or even falling leaves does us good. Nature is very much link to calming human emotions and we should appreciate it some more.

1. Go out for a walk outside.
2. Capture a picture {or two} and print it. Put it somewhere visible.
3. You can also set your nature picture as a wallpaper.
4. Prepare an in-season dish. It can be as easy as putting some apple toppings on your overnight oats.
5. Make it your goal to spend at least an hour in the sunshine.

I am happy we always have an outside to look forward to. We usually take it for granted but the trees, birds and flowers can teach us a thing or two. Things like, we don't need to force people or events because the universe has its way of making things happen. Also, there's a beauty in contentment. Birds don't have a fridge but they are still surviving. Next time you see a beautiful sunset, I encourage you to say thank you under your breath. What are you thankful for? -CMK


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