Wednesday 5 April 2017

CURRENT READS 2017 vol.1

Coming home from work, I was greeted by a package from Amazon today. It was a (yet another) book. This is to keep with a goal that I will read one book each month. I started this November 2016 and I'm still on it. It's not as taxing as I thought. Obviously, I am taking my own sweet time to read because, hey, reading should be fun! It was too late when I realised that I forgot to include BLOOM on the picture. Oopsie! If it's any consolation, that is the only book that I had a full on book review. Interested? Head on to see my post HERE. So really, why do I come up with this one-book-a-month goal? Well... a) I need to spend time outside my laptop screen. The amount of time I spent online is scary and book reading is my antidote and b) I am rediscovering the joys of having a downtime and immersing myself on a different world.

IN ORDER TO LIVE by Yeonmi Park
I think I have mentioned this before. This book is definitely the reason I got hooked on reading again! It is a page turner and prepare yourself because you're going to cry. Seriously, my heart was so broken just by reading the first 3 chapters of the book. Yeonmi is a girl from North Korea. The book documents her life and her journey to freedom. I won't spill the beans but if you're on the lookout for an autobiography lately, this is one for the books (no pun intended).

BLOOM by Estee Lalonde
This is an easy to read, lifestyle book. As I've mentioned, I wrote a full review previously so feel free to READ on if you want some lowdown on this. Tip: I buy books at Amazon because they are slightly cheaper than the ones in bookstores (at least here in London). I enjoy Estee's layout and how raw the book feels. I don't like her exaggerations though. She said, if she did not have a spa on a Sunday, she'll be grumpy for the rest of the week (this is paraphrased, of course). Heck, you have to understand that I just finished Yeonmi's book (a girl that was starving most of her childhood life) and then here's a first world chick saying a spa Sunday is mandatory? You know what I'm saying. Don't get me wrong, I like Estee. I think she's an influencer. It's probably the order that I read these two books, hence my quick 'moment'. That's all.

WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE by Oprah Winfrey
This was my January 2017 read. The book was undoubtedly full of her wisdom about life, relationships, health and more. I like how you can dip in and out of the book. It's a quick read too which I appreciate. Oprah will always be one of the women I look up to. Her generous heart amazes me. She's an epitome of the words: Give to the world and the world will give back to you. She's so open and her free spirit inspires me to help people as much as I can knowing that giving to the less fortunate ones is a blessing by itself. Not all hearts can be selfless. The world has taught us to be selfish. It is up to us to redeem this fallen nature. One kind gesture at a time.

HUMANS OF LONDON by Cathy Teesdale
I was watching Lily Pebbles Youtube video when she mentioned Humans of New York as one of her monthly favourites. That weekend, I went out for a stroll and spotted this book at Waterstones Wimbledon. It's a magazine type of book and I enjoyed the variety.

THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES by Gary Chapman
I know you'll ask what are those so here goes: gift giving, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service (devotion), and physical touch. This is, again, a different genre from the books I've read but I find it helpful. The book clearly laid out the landscape on how to have a flourishing relationship with your special someone. I've had second thoughts before I bought this then I realised that if I spend time and effort on things that are important to me, why not do the same for relationships? This book is obviously written for couples but I think it applies on other forms of relationships as well.

What are your current reads? -CMK

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