Thursday 8 October 2015


Transition between summer and autumn can be tricky. This is the stage when your skin doesn't know whether it's dry or oily. I've been road testing some Olay products now and so far, I'm happy with it. A couple of weeks ago, me and my friends went to Cotswolds. It's a little picturesque city in England. They have fish and chips, cream teas, very English all in all :) This is what I wore for the trip.

  • Biker jacket from Primark
  • Maroon jumper from H&M
  • Leggings from H&M
  • Boots from Forever 21 
  • Red lipstick from MAC (Ruby Woo)

Apparently, there's an abundance of teas all over England. And these writings on the box are so on point!

During summer, sun sets at around 10 pm. During autumn, 6 pm. During winter, it can be as early as 3 pm! So, all I'm saying is - we should enjoy 'sunshine' while it last. Whatever that means! -CMK


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  1. That MAC in Ruby Woo is very popular here because of Yaya Dub. Hope you can have a closer photo of your pout so that I can see it in you.


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