Monday 5 January 2015


JULY 2014
This month was spent catching up with my friends and family! After London and Japan, I'm back to sunny Manila. I've enjoyed tons of movie watching, coffee chats and literally fun times with all of them. I guess it's true when they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Who says it's only for romantic relationships? :) I thank God because I've realized how many friends I have! When your calendar was quite confused because you have so many friends to meet, that's a good problem to have!

I finally decided to buy a MacBook Air! You see, sometimes, when you have the means to buy things - you didn't see it as a blessing. But I think having the money and the joy that comes from your purchase both comes from the LORD! At first, I was not sure whether to buy this baby but now, ohhh I'm glad I did :)
This is more of my "me"-month really. I went to Manila International Book Fair and caught up with my blogging duties. This was also the time that I arranged the stuff I need for my visa on my next London trip. I thank JESUS because amidst my stress-balls alert, He was my cornerstone. HERE's my book haul for MIBF 2014.

I'm back to my second home! :) It took me a while but I fell in love with London. I don't know, somehow, it just feels home to me. And oh, let's not forget that I missed my luggage on my way back here! In case you forget, HERE's the full account. Another testament how great our LORD is. In big or small situations, GOD is our very present help in trouble. 

Oh, how could I forget November? The magical month when Ross and I had a bonding! As in sleep-over-every-weekend type of bonding! So much fun that it made our goodbye a bittersweet one (click HERE for some recos). Words are not enough to describe how much fun I had with them! The shot was taken at British Museum. We went to Notting Hill too and watched Miss Saigon! Fun times! PS: Can you actually have a word count how many times "fun" appeared on this paragraph? :P

I am telling you, another full blog post is not enough to chronicle my December thank you list! I went to Glasgow, Scotland. Passed an exam. Met new people. Had a connect church group {more like home to me}. And many, many more. Among these, I am certain that the best gifts are the ones that I can't see or touch. GOD. Love. Joy. The thought that with Jesus, things will work together for good. :)

Whoah. That is a LOOOT of blessings! It took me more than an hour to finish this 2-part series but I know that it's worth it. How's your thank you list going? -CMK


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  1. Wow, that was such a colorful and fun-filled 2014! (I read the first part, too.) 2015 can only get better for you and for all of us! I, too, have so much to be thankful for last year. Good health, solid relationships, financial blessings, etc. Do you sometimes feel that you no longer deserve some of the blessings God has been showering upon your life? Funny, but I do. Haha. Let's continue to count our blessings and spread good vibes online! :)


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