Sunday 4 January 2015


There is always a reason to say thank you to Jesus and this year - amidst my lazy bones wanting to cozy up in my bed - I decided to list down my thank you notes for each month of 2014. It's amazing how these 2 things can do the trick when so many things are going on in your head: a) take a long shower and b) count your blessings.

Me and mum went to Singapore and Malaysia! Time flies so fast, I reckoned it's been a year since we did that. This was mum's first time in both countries so I was excited to tour her around. Fact: I didn't know how to use a map, let alone directions! However, this one time - I don't have a choice. It went well! Little did I know that there's a reason behind this. That has something to do with my thank you list on May 2014.

Another dream came to pass! Our young professional group held a financial literacy seminar in our church {yes, church and money do jive}. It was successful than we ever expected, and all credit goes to the Lord. I was tasked to give a talk and I was so happy that the crowd's response was massive. HERE's a quick summary, if you like.
I guess this warrants a thank you note too purely because both the gifts {and the giver} were totally unexpected. You know me, I don't usually spill personal stuff in here but for the sake of clarity, we are good friends {nothing more, nothing less}. I am simply thankful that God gives us people whom we can laugh with and share our weirdness!

MARCH 2014
My birthday month! I've been hospitalized a week before my big day and thank GOD, I am back to my healthy self now. The prospect of illness can crush anybody and I was no exception. There was one time that I intend to recite the whole of Psalm 23 in my thoughts but all that's coming out was "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not be in want..." Looking back, I guess that's what God wants me to resonate. That He is a good Shepherd and I should not be worried.

APRIL 2014
My little brother drummer boy graduated from the university! How's that?! :) We now have another accountant in our family. We were close since we're kids. I guess you don't have much of an option when you only have one sibling! :P Kidding aside, I love, love, love Jay. His real name is Jeremiah but I'm fond of calling him Jayzins and Jayzerts. He hated it, but eventually accepted that such will be his name for as long as I live! :)

MAY 2014
One of the breakthroughs I've received this year! Little did I know that this is why I need to practice map/train reading last January! I'll be going to London alone months after! My life was pretty much planned before this trip. My friends can attest that I am was not a fan of leaving PH for so long, but I guess the big Guy up there has other plans!
The biggest cross road was when I've realized that the relationship I was considering was not God's will after all. It took a huge amount of faith to decide and act upon it. Looking in hindsight, I am so delighted that I heeded God's leading.

JUNE 2014
Japan has always been on my travel bucket list! This year, it was ticked! Maya and I went to Osaka Japan (more scoops HERE and HERE) to enjoy their food, sights and culture. It was summer when we went there and so, yours truly had quite an adjustment coming from chilly London to warm Osaka. I ended up taking medicines during the trip but all went well! One thing's for sure, I love to go back to Japan. Maybe Tokyo, next time?

I would want to give all the thank you list in one go but I guess it makes sense to cut this into two parts. Stay tuned for the July to December Thank You List! Better yet, why don't you scribble yours too! :) -CMK


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