Sunday 23 November 2014


I'm having a pretty laid back weekend today. These days, I find my flat too cozy to move away from. I literally intended to go shopping (insert high notes there) earlier. However, I had to work on a Saturday morning. After checking some of my to-do list boxes, I lost the jest to rummage the stalls. I'm having client calls often now, but no worries, it's all good. I'm happy and enjoying the challenge.

Now, let's talk some serious girl topic here. Shopping!

I was salivating over these four items for over a week now, and me publishing a post about them will obviously intensify that want. Let's do the mandatory roll call.

Lounge Robe
I know it's not a big thing in sunny Manila and during my earlier days here, I find them unnecessary. However, you have to feel their material guys! It's fluffiness in its purest form! Plus the shops here offer some cute cartoon graphics too. They call it lounge robe {as opposed to bath robe} because you can put it on while... err... lounging. Brilliant! >:) If ever I'll buy one, I'll buy because it will warm-ify me specially when the temperature hits -2. Wish me luck.

Huge Plaid Scarf
I'm a scarf fan for as long as I can remember. And I brought a handful here. Scarves like the one above is different because it's so big, it can mimic a blanket - no joke. And it's super handy when winds hit you subtly peppered with drizzles of rain. I love the fact that I get to layer clothes without a drop of sweat. Instead of sulking over the weather, I actually find it fun.

I might get the ones from the picture, verbatim. I think it's a steal being GBP 6.00 from H&M. Not bad, isn't it? I only got one pair as of writing. I got 'em from Prague way back 2011. So, if there's any justifiable loot among that peg, this would be it. I like the ribbon details and hopefully, it won't fall of knowing how klutz I am.
 Biker Jacket
My closet now houses quite some few winter clothes to date but I don't have a biker jacket yet. The zippers and asymetrical style is interesting. Plus this number looks nice over a nice pair of skinny jeans. Pair it with chunky boots or chucks - you're set!

Apologies if lately, I blab about anything winter... but, I write with the thought of sharing my real time experiences, as always. Anyhoo, wherever we're in. Girls will be girls. And we love to shop. Always and forever ;) -CMK


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