Monday 12 August 2013


I have been fortunate to experience the launch of three Korean City Styles at Tony & Jackey. I got a Gangnam Style look. To see the pegs and some stories about the event, click HERE. Let's talk details now. Let me start with the status of my hair. My hair was super dry due to frequent treatment and hair coloring. I've been indulging my curiosity since 2 years ago, and along the process, my hair got damaged unfortunately. Here are the steps that they've made to "revive" my dry strands:

Assess. Shampoo. Treat.
I have Ms. Rebecca as my pleasant hair stylist for the day. Together with Mr. Sky (owner of Tony & Jackey), Ms. Rebecca analyzed my hair. I got a feedback that it was so dry and while they really want to deliver a seamless result, they made a warning and asked me if I want to go over the procedure. All's well that ends well. I gave them my nod and the rest is a magical transformation. After assessment, Grace shampooed my hair. Ms. Rebecca applied some form of solution on my strands afterwards.

Color. Shampoo. Makeup.
Since my black hair was starting to show up, she opted to color my hair first. She decided to even out my base (with Clear Brown) for a clean look. If you'll notice, there's a thin plastic-cover-like sheet put on top of my forehead. This is to prevent colorants from splashing over my eyes. It has a double-sided tape on top, so brilliant! While I was on it, Ms. Tyrene created my FOTD. Smokey eyes and nude lips. Look at how my brows were set on this picture. Youth-like and not bushy.

Haircut. Rebond. Digiperm. Neutralize.
After some few minutes, my hair color was done! She cut my hair into layers to reduce volume. I had a fluffy hair so that plus the perm curls might have me end up looking like an afro. To remedy, layered locks is always a good idea. They had a sophisticated digiperm machine! It is so comfortable and very high tech. They twisted and curled half of my hair and left it hanging for 10 minutes (I guess).

They rebonded the first half, then digipermed the other half (of my hair, that is). I got the shock of my life when they first removed the curls, I was like "Bakit ang iksi?!" (Why so short?!). Ms. Rebecca shared that it won't be THAT short. True enough, after they neutralized my locks, ta-da-dan! I love it (happy dance) \o/

Photo Op with Ms. Rebecca and Den.
Special thanks to Mr. Sky and Ms. Rebecca of Tony & Jackey Salon. Be sure to see Ms. Rebecca on Magallanes branch. Hugs and kisses to Den and of course Mikki for inviting me to this event. I've learned so much about hair care and makeups! I've never thought applying serums and hair moisturizers is a must-do to keep our locks nourished inside and out.

Day after the Perm.
Here's my bouncy and shiny hair! The damaged parts are gone, only the 'crowning glory' part remains. Overall, the whole process exceeds my expectations. To balance things out, quality treatment comes with a price. Their treatment ranges from Php 3,000, above. I suggest you pay them a visit. They can assess your hair condition and recommend which treatment suits you best.
After all, with 23,000 likes on their Facebook account, you can be sure they'll deliver excellent service, no less. Like them on FB, HERE. They also have a website where you can choose from their hairstyle book. As of this writing, they have a promo for digital perms - from Php 8,000, you can avail the same service for Php 3,500! Visit their site HERE.
What's your latest hair escapade so far? -CMK


  1. Pretty hair Miss K! ;)

  2. Love your hair! Super pretty!

  3. I wanted to get a perm but so lazy to maintain and style it. I will just stick to my wavy hair. Hehe. :P

  4. Digiperm machine always scares me. :/ Pero noon pa po, I wanna have my hair curled. Pero I still don't get any chance, I can't still decide po if ipaparebond ko or curl (Korean curl).


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