Friday 9 August 2013


I was in a train at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia when I opened my personal inbox. On our way to KL airport bound to Manila, I opened an email from Mikki inviting me to an event. L'oreal Professionnel, together with Tony & Jackey, launches 3 Korean perm styles uniquely crafted for Asian hair. Of course, I got excited! They are offering three different hairstyles as below:

Left: Busan Style, Middle: Gangnam Style, Right: Hong Dae Style
Since I want to maintain my long hair, I replied to Mikki and chose Gangnam Style. I was in two minds whether to have my hair cut for the bangs, either way, I'm okay. I'm glad that the event was not crowded and bloggers can really move around and take pictures to their heart's content.

The Event.
It was one colorful event. As soon as I passed through the Tony & Jackey door, everyone was so friendly and they're all smiling at me. Launch was held at Tony & Jackey West Ayala branch. Colorful cupcakes and candies were all around. They also served main course entrees. I didn't get the chance to test-taste them since I was still full from lunch. All I can say is that the PR team knows their job well. They made it a point that everyone is happy and comfortable. Mikki and Den were roaming every now and then to check on us. The lovely dessert buffet is from BAKER STREET. Like them on FB, HERE.

The Details.
I got kilig when I saw my picture. All bloggers who confirmed their attendance have that. As simple as it may sound, I appreciate the fact that they went through all these itsy-bitsy details to make us feel special. Before the event officially started, Mr. Sky and the entire PR Team had a quick meeting. They decided whose hair stylist will be assigned to each blogger, and I got Ms. Rebecca. She's the manager from Tony & Jackey, Magallanes branch.

The Place.
You wouldn't miss T&J Ayala branch. It's beside Sykes building near RCBC Plaza. Place is screaming Korean. Their sounds can be likened to the sounds of Myeongdong stores. They also have lockers so you don't have to tag along your things when you need to change places. It comes with their own keys too. Convenience at its finest! 

The Makeup Nook.
It's a hairstyle + makeup event! Den of L'oreal PH accompanied me and whoah! I was the first 'client' on Maybelline makeup nook. Ms. Tyrene was my makeup artist for the day! I got a smokey eye and nude lipstick peg. Very timely since I often have my FOTD the other way around. I like to wear loud lip color with virtually no make-up on my eyes. By the way, did you recognize L'oreal Hydrafresh Toner above? I use that myself. Click HERE for my detailed review. Follow Maybelline on Twitter, HERE.

The Sneak Peek.
"So, what happened to your Gangnam Style look?!" I hear you ask. I'll be posting about the details soon. For now, here's one of the curly pictures. It took me nearly 5 hours to rejuvinate + rebond + perm my hair. And oh! I am super satisfied with the result! Stay tuned! -CMK



  1. wow.. I'm excited to see the result.. :) i really love the curls hahahaha

  2. That's what really count on an event, making sure that the guests feel comfortable and homey. I like the pa-bitin effect! Can't wait to see your make-over Miss K! :D


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