Monday 24 December 2012


To tell you frankly, I am struggling whether to hit publish button on this post,
but to my mind, if I can post countless beauty and fashion reviews,
then why not share a piece of my thoughts on some profound things.
And so, feel free to grace your eyes on this post.

Original Christmas

Modern Christmas?

I am  sure you get the picture (literally and) figuratively.
There are times that I feel I'm too extravagant on things.
That maybe its time to go back to where it all started.
When Christmas is still Christmas.

Jesus Christ's first glimpse on earth was far from our idea of the modern Christmas.
Jesus' mom, Mary, doesn't even know where will she give birth.
I've heard someone said that perhaps God allowed Jesus to be born
on this simple state to help us remember that Christ came to seek and save the lost.
The poor. Be it financially poor (no money) or emotionally poor (no love).

 I, too, want to have fun this Christmas.
And to tell you tactfully, being with the less fortunate 24/7 is not my idea of fun.
But that's the point. We can share some (not 24/7) 
of our time to bring joy to the less fortunate.
As King Solomon puts, our life here on earth is summed up into 2.
Have Fun. But remember to do Good.
What's your idea of fun this Christmas?
Aaaand what's your idea of doing good this Christmas?
Now! We're talking sense here. 

Have a meaningful Christmas guys! -CMK

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