Friday 21 December 2012



Few days and Christmas is coming. 
Countless parties and get together are plotted in your calendar! 
Have you noticed? This year's December weather is just different!
It's warmer than usual. But that should not prevent us from being 
fashionably presentable as we grace our scheduled gatherings.

Whether you're party-bound or just up for some laid-back 
lunch with somebody, a striped mini-dress is a good investment.

♣ Footwear. Wedges or Flats? Wedges, obviously, 
add height for the vertically challenged. Flats on the other hand 
is a good choice if you're expecting some serious walking.

♣ Bag. Shoulder or Satchel? Either will do. 
Though a satchel + this dress combo will be ultra-chic.

♣ Accessories. Subtle or Loud? If you're wearing a printed dress,
 keep your accessories down low. Let the dress take the center stage.
 If you opt to don a plain dress, busy accessories will complete the holiday glam look.


Photo Credit Source : HERE
I particularly loved her stockings. Since this is an ultra-mini dress,
covering your legs might be practical. However, going back on our 
December heat breeze, you might want to save this for your hotel party, maybe?

Photo Credit : Google Images
This dress' see-through neckline makes a necklace totally unnecessary.
Adding neck accents would make the outfit too crowded.
Compensate by adding a dab of silverware for earrings and bracelet.
Don't forget to wear a strapless bra so as not to ruin the see-through effect.

Finally, this dress can work its way through your 
office by day and party by night schedule.
Isn't that sweet? -CMK


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  1. A striped dress really goes well with wedges. A pair of wedges is really handy especially to people who are small like me hehe :D


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