Wednesday 31 October 2012


While I don't celebrate Halloweens, I thought of jumping the bandwagon in terms of Mr. Pumpkin's crazy color! Orange and Black! I've been on the look out for a colorful pair of shorts and when I saw this item, I knew this is going to be the center stage of my post for the season. 

Know your body type - I think that's important. For me, I have macho arms (heheh...) and so I need to cover them up nicely with a leopard printed blouse as seen HERE. Also, it would be too redundant if I don a sleeveless top and shorts. Too much skin is so not me! ☺ Having said all that, you may want to view the details of this outfit post:

Sleeveless top from NY Square (SM Department Store)
Leopard Sheer Blouse from The Landmark Makati
Orange Shorts from The Landmark Makati
Wedge Platfrom from Celine (SM Manila)


Tucked in or tucked out? 
 It depends. Key is to look polished and NOT lousy.
Structured blouse as below looks fine to be tucked out. 
Seal the outfit's glam by adding a long necklace with barely-there pendant. 

Color variation - what's the maximum?  
For strong colors like orange, maximum of 2 is always the safest. Orange and black works best with a hint of yellow or green. Save this additional color pop on your accessories. Don't wear a bright yellow vest over your black top or else - you'll remind your friends of 
the Ang TV era! (Du-a-di-di-di-di-dam-di-di-dum) 

♣ To wear heels or not to wear heels?
Remember that heels elongate your legs. Hence, it's more of a pre-requisite for vertically challenged girls. However, I suggest that you look into your itinerary when preparing your outfit. If it's a serious shopping walkathon, by all means break the fashion rule. At the end of the day, it's always substance (what's comfortable) over form (what looks good).

Looking good is an act of service too! When people see you looking nicely,
maybe they'll be inspired to think of life's happy thoughts. Happy thoughts? 
Yes they exist! Only if you have a pair of eyes that see and ears that hear! 

May this season make you remember that our life on earth 
is timed so CARPE DIEM (seize the moment)! -CMK



  1. I love wearing shorts alot but I haven't tried wearing it and a wedge. Mostly, I wear sneakers, flats or topsiders and it perfectly suits and comforts me. But I think I should try investing more on wedges nowadays, specially that I'll be having a work soon. ☺☺☺

  2. Orange is a really fun and pretty color. And orange looks really good on you Miss K. I wear shorts almost always whenever I'm going out & I never tried heels or wedges with it. A must try! :)


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