Friday 2 November 2012


Desire that your life count for something great! Long for your life to have eternal significance. Want this! Don’t coast through life without a passion.” - John Piper, Don't Waste Your Life

Mission. Missionary. Disciple. Evangelize. - Those are not very interesting words for young people. And who can blame them us? The words have been associated to suffering, persecution and dark things.

I've been struggling to publish this post because I aim to be neutral on things. But as one of my friends tweeted:

"Either way we are slaves. One kills; One saves."

Profound? Perhaps. But reality is - we need to let people know about God's grace before it's too late. We've been told that our appointment with death is so certain that we can't escape the inevitable. And so what's next? What will you do now? 

Hell or whatever is its equivalent can happen here and now. Case point: If you are so lonely you want to commit suicide, I'm pretty sure that's not heaven, but hell. If you are so addicted to vices that you can't find your way out; if you have a small god in form of your boy/girlfriend - that's not so much like heaven.

But there is good news. There is grace. Grace from God that is just a prayer away. Grace to say that God can make something beautiful out of the mess you may be probably in. You can receive this grace if you want to - and after doing such - please have a heart to share that joy with your office mates, friends, everyone! 

Now, on to the 5 things I've learned:

☺ We are not all called to be multi-cultural missionaries. We are not all commanded to go. And there was a great sigh of relief in the hall! Some are called to finance missions, some to pray for missions - we are tasked to do something about spreading the good news but not all of us are commanded to leave our current lives and go to another land. To balance it out - some are indeed called to be a missionary (and like the song: Like the fire shut up in my bones, I want the world to know that You are God) - I believe God will reveal it clearly to us.

☺There is no need to confirm your calling because you are called. Called to go. Called to pray. Called to support. But we are all called to do something about it. (An emphasis sequel from point 1).

☺Count the cost for it is great. I appreciate the fact that Jesus is straight to the point. He doesn't sugarcoat things that it will be all nice and flowery on this pursuit. I can imagine him looking at me, straight to my eye, saying: "Tin, the cost is great, so think about it." You may be the only Bible a person can ever read in his life. The way you speak, act, think (aloud) - the cost is great because it is your everyday lifestyle that you need to check and improve not for your own sake, but for God's glory.

“Don't follow a defeated foe. Follow Christ. It is costly. You will be an exile in this age. But you will be free.”  ― John Piper, Passion of Jesus Christ

☺Mission is important to Jesus. Mission means letting people know that there is a God who loves and can save them. Say, if you have a best friend that loves a specific {music} band - it's important to him/her, so automatically, the band suddenly becomes important to you. And in no time - you'll just realize that hey! I've learned to love this band too. Remember: Things can be learned/unlearned. You just have to have a willing heart to make things possible.

☺Have a desire to pray for missions. Let's face it - praying for missions is one of the best sleeping pill ever. You'll prolly say "Lord, bless the mission in this country, Amen". I mean, that's nice thank you than no prayer at all. To be honest - I am still struggling at this point so pardon me if I can't give you a clear cut solution to address this. All I can think of is I need to imagine that I want this thing so badly - that I need to pray for this in detail. Like when you're getting a new phone. Specifics? Check. Desire? Check. Money? Check. Let's do this together folks!

“It is about the greatness of God, 
not the significance of man. 
God made man small and the universe big  
to say something about himself.”
 ― John Piper, Don't Waste Your Life


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