Wednesday 1 August 2012


Hello Guys! How's your day today?
We can't get enough of makeups! Who does anyway?!
I've been blessed to have been given this gorgeous set
from Makeover Essentials (ME)!
To you loves who have been super kind
to shower me with these beauties - Thank You!

Some Chunky Facts:
♣ Brand is not that big in the Philippines, but it's famous in United Kingdom.
♣ Makeover Essentials specializes in Beauty Kits that's buildable (think : Lego).
♣ Makeover Essentials or ME for short is a part of

Here's some message lifted from their site:

"Hi and welcome to Beauty Group. Based in London we specialise in sourcing some of the greatest products both nationally and internationally just for you. Right now we have nine quite amazing brands for you to familiarise yourself with and you can be assured our teams are on the verge of finalising some very exciting deals with many more suppliers bringing you the customer so much more at the click of a button. Happy shopping and don’t forget to keep checking back with us to see the latest string of brands, products and deals."

Nothing big. Nothing fancy. Very straight forward, European approach in makeup market.
Feel free to visit their site.

My realization is - wherever part of the world you are,
girls have something in common,

it's their interest in makeups! So fun to be a girl! -CMK.

Makeover Essentials site:



  1. It's always great to explore different products. This one looks great. I am loving Mary Kay. Thought you might try it :D

  2. Wow this is interesting. I'm from the uk and I was sold a set extremely similar to this, by the same brand today. i was told that it is a very popular brand in the states and this is an 'introductory offer' to the uk. How very sneaky of them


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