Tuesday 31 July 2012


Etude House Makeup Remover + Cottons

Makeups! Ahh.. Women loves them no doubt. And there's always a place for new ones.
As much as we love makeups - I guess it's important to know
how to remove them (for a time) as well.
Today's post is all about make-ups begone! peg.

Think of your skin like sponges. Yes! with pores.
It absorbs whatever you place in there.
That's the reason why it's not healthy to leave your makeup
(on your face) overnight. Aside from the fact that deep
seated dirt have settled in by night.

I'm often being teased by my friends due to my rapid consumption of makeup removers.
I got comments like "Girl, iniinom mo ba ang makeup remover mo?!"
(Are you sure you're not drinking those makeup removers, how come they're all gone?!).
They're right - I'm a bit OC on removing makeups.

As usual, CMK style - I like it plain, simple and clean.
Let's start. Shall we? ♥

1. Clean your canvass with makeup remover.
We have oil based and we have water based.
I prefer oil based since they tend to wipe off the substances much quicker.
Here are my 2 fave makeup removers that I've tried:
Skin Food Aloe Makeup Remover (click HERE)
Etude House Makeup Remover (click HERE).

No brainer - gently remove any substance on your face,
I start with eye shadows, blushes, then lips.
Be generous with cottons, and yep Makeup removers. >:) 

Cotton buds for your eyes
Nope - it's not over yet. Time to use that bud and potion.

2. For hard to clean areas - use a cotton bud. I love liquid eyeliners.
They complete my signature look (Fuchsia Lips + Black Eyeliners).
But one downside of liquid eyeliners is that it takes time to get them off.
To address that dilemma, pick a cotton bud and squirt some makeup remover on it.
Repeat until eye area is virtually clean.

Clean is in!

3. Wash your face thoroughly. Remember, facial washes are on a case to case basis. No matter how expensive or affordable yours are - it's important to use a facial foam that's "kind" to your skin. After removing the makeup virtually, time to seal the doom of dirt and other foreign substances.

4. Moisturize plus apply an anti-aging
cream if you wish!

As you already know, Yves Rocher is a big name specially on Anti-Aging.
Their latest offering is the below.
Yves Rocher Elixir 7.9. It has that rich formula that lives up to its name.
Elixir - fountain of youth!

And that completes our today's peg.
Not much of a makeup peg, technically
but equally important for that healthy skin!

As they say, "It takes a lot of work to look ‘natural’."
Take care of your skin. And have fun while you're doing it. -CMK

No Makeup!



  1. How was the yves rocher elixir 7.9 youth intensifier? Do you have an idea with regards to its price? Thanks!

    1. Hello there. Yves Rocher Elixir 7.9 is the best anti-aging for me so far. It's botanical and very kind to the skin. Price is a little beyond above Php 1,000. I'll be posting a separate review soon. Watch out for it ♥

    2. Uy! Not bad na considering it's a lot cheaper than the one I used to use. :) Maybe I'll be waiting for your review before buying. Thanks for the info! (I really hope I can resist the urge to buy. lol) Can't wait for your blog post! :)

    3. Yup. Nice noh? At first I thought the brand is pricey but I was wrong! Sure - I'll keep you posted on Yves Rocher Elixir 7.9 review. What's your twitter account? We can be tweet-buddies! ;)

    4. Sure! I already added you up @twitter. :) My twitter name is @miss_dibly

    5. Hey - followed you too! Will keep you posted on the updates ♥

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Queen Bee - Welcome dear! Thanks for dropping by! ♥

  3. That's my problem, I just feel procrastinated when removing eye liners. I wear them almost everyday, but remove them not as daily as I use them. :/ i admit it, kapag talaga po sinisipag lang. my remedy? I'm using face pack every once in a while, black and white heads remover, and whitening pack (all from iWhite).

    Hindi po ba prone sa pagkabulag yung paghihilamos sa gabi? :O or pagkapasma?

  4. I love makeup but removing them is one of the things I hate. I don't wash my face because parents and grandparents have this myth that washing the face after a tiring day will lead to blindness or pasma. So a water based makeup remover is always at hand hihi


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