Friday 13 July 2012


My love affair with traveling is out in the open.
And if you think traveling via air is such a bore, think again!
Here's an out of the blue list I've come up. Enjoy!

What to do inside the airport (or airplane)?

Enjoy the ambiance (if you're in the new PH airport). You know what I mean.
Picture above was taken last April 2012, when I went to Cebu.
I enjoyed the Mini-Stop coffee jelly, the lazy seat moment,
and just doing random things that you don't do everyday.

Take a masterpiece photo. Photo below was taken by yours truly.
I am so happy that I captured a little rainbow on the runway.
Gee - simple things are fun. And yes -
those are the moments that money can't buy.

Read a magazine. Most airplane companies serve
a complimentary travel mag to give you an idea
on your next travel. That's one of the things that
take my boredom away while in the a-yer (air).

I want to share the most drooling meal I've had in the air!
Thanks to KLM chefs! Read after the jump.

Enjoy the food. Here's the most tastiest meal
I've ever tasted in transit. This was my food care of KLM
on my way to Prague, Czech Republic last year.
I love the Asian noodles and the dory fish that came with it, spell TENDER!
For that 9 cool things about Prague (click HERE)

♣ Buy some food. I love Cebu Pacific's Cafe Mocha
and Chorizo Pandesal (bread).
It's pricey than normal, I know but
where else can you buy food while in the air?
Seriously - random concoctions is one of my happy thoughts!

So there. If you're having second thoughts,
whether to travel or not to travel,

#for lovers:
“I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to
find out whether you like people or hate them
than to travel with them.” – Mark Twain

“A wise traveler never despises his own country.” – Carlo Goldoni

#for the random traveler:
“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson


  1. Ah! Looking at your pictures brings out nostalgic thoughts. I took that airport when I went to Bohol this past May. It's so clean and lots of nice food. Unfortunately I did not get to try any food (the pandesal with chorizo sounds good) but it was a smooth and fast flight.

    1. Hi Gazel! That's so sweet. I see that you're somewhere else (not in the Phils) but hey - I bet you're enjoying as well. But yeah - home is where the ♥ is! Mean time - I followed you! Your blog is such a sweetie! Let's be virtual friends and hope to meet you when you visit here in PH :-)

  2. I miss Bargas! I look forward to your next flight to korea!

  3. Thanks for the tips Miss K! Now I know what to do when I'm inside an airport hihi ;)

  4. the food is the only thing I'm up to whenever I travel :) I've tried an airline meal (how am I suppose to call that?) at Macro Asia when we had our on air training and stuffs. :D

    Trivia lang po :) Served meals in a plane is the cleanest food ever. Our speaker said :)


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