Thursday 12 July 2012


There are days that you want to try something extra-ordinary for a change.
And last Saturday was the day!
Me and one of my closest friends, Glenda tried Krazy Garlik!
No - it's not our first time at this place,
but for some reasons, I appreciate it more on my 2nd visit.

Krazy Garlik, Greenbelt 5
2nd Level. Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center
Makati City

Things that made us crazy at Krazy Garlik:

Ambiance. Cozy is an understatement. Place is so relaxing.
From their lights to their couches. They also have TV all over the place
but on a minimal volume, of course. Most eaters are by family,
friends or lovers. Didn't see any business-like meetings there.
That's why I find it relaxing. We do business everyday. Time for a cool change!

♠ We also love the entrance pavement.
I was looking for their mascot (a big garlic statue)
they don't have it anymore.
Maybe they ran out of garlic and cooked it too? Haha!

CMK and Glenda
Okay - here we go to our favorite part,
the FOOD!
Their Special Salad is AMAZING!
It's a feast of so many flavors and textures!

♠ Loved their Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad.
No kidding, that's the name!
Combination of crunchy stuff, green veggies (hello good skin!)
favorite ingredient is the sauce.
Tip: You can ask the friendly waiter for an extra serving of the sauce.

♠ Another equally yummy munch is their Seafood Oriente.
Their pasta is so al dente. Sauce is just right in terms of creaminess.
They have mussels (tahong), asparagus, shrimp in there.
Their "To-Share" serving is good for 2 persons!


☻Value for Money. Salad costs about Php 400 and so is their pasta (approx).
While there's no question about the yum meter, Bellas on budget
can't hang out here too often.
☻Serving Size. Generally speaking, for girls' appetite, this is just right.
But I wonder if boys' tummies will be happy for just one
"To-Share" serving.

Anyhow - this stop is worth trying. Place is relaxing. Good food. Extraordinary!
Finally, I find their little nook so informative. -CMK.



  1. A must try. We spend too much time looking for a restaurant whenever it's lunch or dinner time -- this one's perfect :) I hope it's still there :)

  2. their logo seems to resemble some scary pumpkin every Halloween. :O May garlic po ba sa salad Miss K? Or yung sauce nila is garlic sauce? Crispy noodle goes well with vegetable salads po talaga :) Hoping I'm right with that crispy stuffs :D hehe


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