Friday 1 June 2012


I've been putting off a spa treatment for almost a month now.
While I would love going back to spa haven very often,
luxury of time is something I don't have. But! Do what you have to.

As they say, work hard but play harder.
And this is my idea of playing.
Getting a much deserved massage to ease the back pains and so much more!

Since 2008, I've been a fan of The Spa specially on their Bel-Air branch,
but that same branch was closed months ago -
so I opted to go to The Spa Greenbelt.

Here are some blow by blow details how relaxing it was:

* Enter : The Spa Greenbelt. Nice facade. You'll be greeted by welcoming water fountains.
* Place is a bit packed on a weekend, so I suggest you book days before, but if it's an impulse thing - why don't you try your luck. That won't hurt.
* My friend suggested to try their Traditional Hilot.
* You have to settle payment first before they give you the keys.
* The Spa has 2 general rooms, for male and female.

* You have an option to use their facilities (like sauna, etc.).
* Next - feast yourself with their roomy shower rooms and nice cabinets.
* The aura all over is very conducive for relaxing.

Traditional Hilot? Yup. Main highlight of the massage is them putting on some banana leaves on your shoulder back and lower back. The leaves are quite hot but you can tell to Ate if you're not comfortable. It takes majority of the 'lamig" or nodules away. It can be compared to Blue Water Day Spa's Ventusa Massage, for my review, click HERE.

Take a closer peek at their yummy ginger tea!

Lots of good stuffs inside!

On their lounge / waiting room:

* You'll be asked to put on their signature robe (w/c I grew fond of).
* This is one of the best part. The Ginger Tea! I am not a tea lover, but betcha - this hot concoction is a must try. It has a rich fusion of ginger, honey and everything nice. It doesn't taste like a normal tea, to say the least.

* Your locker number will be called and the pleasant lady will start the relaxing massage.

Happy Thoughts:

☺Professional and relaxed ambiance.
☺Thorough massage, from head to foot.
☺Can't seem to get over with the ginger tea.

Wishful Thoughts:
☻Php 1,300 - I wish the price is much lower for 75 minutes of service.
☻A wet floor (heated pools) can be a deal catcher for most of the tired souls.

CMK Thinks : If the price is right (and swak sa budget), why not try to indulge yourself once in a while.

Enjoy. Be kind to yourself. How can you love others if you don't know how to love yourself?
As Whitney Houston sang, Learning to Love Yourself, is {one of} the greatest gift of all! -CMK


  1. "How can you love others if you don't know how to love yourself?" I agree with that saying. We should really take care of ourselves and indulge every once in a while :)

  2. Yun po palang may dahon ng saging yung traditional hilot. Palagi po kaming nagpapahilot ng ganon since sa province kami nakatira. :D pagkadampi nung banana leaf with oil, hihilahin, I've experienced that for a couple of times when I was little. Pero hindi na po ngayon kasi namatay na yung maghihilot :(


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