Thursday 31 May 2012


Yesterday, I got a text message from Shinagawa. 
They mentioned that they will be holding an exclusive, 
first-come - first served promo this June 2012. Here are some details:

1. The real price of a Lasik (most advanced eye laser procedure) is Php 89,600 (all in).

2. However, they are now launching this 50% promo for students and professionals alike.
3. Get the same lasik procedure for only Php 44,800.

Think that's too much?

1. You seeing clearly is priceless.
2. Wearing contact lenses over prolonged period might lead to cornea damage.
3. Celebrities like Joey of Side A, Janice de Belen, Ariel Rivera opted Shinagawa to
 restore their 20/20 vision. I think now is the perfect time that you do!

4. They accept major credit cards and you can avail of their 6-month payment terms.

Further Details?

1. Simple, comment on this post and send me your e-mail address.

2. Or - you can drop me an e-mail using


1. This promo is on a first come, first served basis.
2. The deal is solely from Shinagawa PH (Enterprise Center, Makati). 

I did undergo the procedure myself and while I can't deny that it's a bit pricey, it's all worth it. Waking up with 20/20 vision - not even all the money in the world can buy that feeling.

For my personal reviews, and helpful sites, read on.

1. To view my personal review, click HERE.
2. To view their site, click HERE.
3. Photo Credits : Google Images.

Life is too short to see the world in a blurry vision.
See the world in full color and clarity.
Enjoy life. And choose to see clearly. -CMK.

Say goodbye to glasses!

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