Wednesday 28 March 2012


When you're at the top - the feeling is HIGH!

 1. Think about it 10 times if you're ready. Why? Mahirap mag-inarte pag ikaw na ang next! (It's hard to show some attitude when you're next in line!)

2. Be nice to Kuya. Because it's up to him if you'll still be alive after this. (Lol)

3. Make sure your footwear is secure. They'll be placed beside your waist area. You don't want to walk barefooted after this 'high' don't you?

4. Take a deep breath and close your eyes before they push you around. Plain and simple - that's the instinct of scare-dy cats! (Ahem!)

5. When you can't go back alone. Opt for the better way. Go back to the other side with your friends. -CMK.

Look how far you've come! (Thank You Lord)

Pics were taken at Danao Bohol Adventure Slide (click here).
Depending on your chosen activity, rates are about Php 100-700.
They also sell your pics on a CD format. If you're with your barkada, you can just go dutch and copy the pics.

Whadaheck is 'go dutch'? -- To "go Dutch," also known as a "Dutch treat" or a "Dutch date," implies an informal agreement for each person to pay for his or her own expenses during a planned date or outing. (Word for the Day : Go Dutch. Why not!) :)


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  1. Zipline here in Batangas don't allow anyone to ride with their footwear, kailangan po talaga nakapaa, kasi mahirap malalaglagan, walang kukuha nun. hehe.

    I love extreme adventures and I've tried riding a zipline last last year, without any doubt and second thoughts, I'd be able to finish the line enjoying the rest of the view from up there. Ansayasaya po :D


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