Wednesday 8 February 2012


Now that summer + vacation season is fast approaching. These tips might come in handy:

1. Find a suitable luggage. Makes sense right? Not until you finalize your suitcase, don't pull out your stuffs or you might end up in a room full of clutter. This will also up your chances of forgetting what's necessary.


 2. List. Sounds too OC? Nope. You can't rely on your memory when packing a suitcase. Surges of emotion are probably inside your head so it's best to be sure. Write a checklist of To-Brings. Once they're in the luggage, tick 'em off your list.
3. Imagine. Yes. Think of what you will be doing in the trip and what gadget / tools you need for each activity. Example - when taking a bath you need a shampoo, conditioner, comb, etc. Then write them on your checklist.
4. Leave Room. This is a sensible tip specially if you're going out of country with some serious shopping agenda in mind. I've experienced this once and oh well, I walked through HK airport with lots of carry-on that I didn't have time to enjoy the moment. But thanks to my trusty friends who helped me. So, learn from me.

5. Tie a Yellow Ribbon. Around your luggage handle. This looks like a kikay tip but not really. Leaving a too obvious imprint, like neon yellow scarf, on your luggage makes it easier for you to spot it around the airport luggage runway. Thus getting your thing ahead of others. Less stress. More fun.

Enjoy your trip wherever that maybe. -CMK.


  1. I've been following this tips for couple of years cause my Mom is really strict when it comes to travelling. :) The list thingy, which I mentioned before, and the imagination thingy too :D hehe.

  2. This tips are really helpful! There are a lot of luggage sales btw! And they're so pretty and functional :)


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