Monday 12 September 2011

Simple Makeup Stash

Last Saturday, me and my good friend Donna decided to do the things we're terribly good at... Glimpse of our mini-itinerary includes late lunch and chikka fest at Mom's & Tinas (place is perfect to hang out) then window shopping (which turned out to be a real shopping anyway) ;)

I have to say this, it was my good friend Jolly who opened my eyes to these facts:

1. It is mandatory for girls to apply moisturizers. It's like H2O for our facial skin.
2. A little make up doesn't make you look flirty, instead it enhances your look.
3. Experiment (within the bounds of sanity). Brown-colored hair? Get it on!

Going back, Donna and I happen to pass the Make Up section when I realize that my foundation needs replacement. Here it is.
 Maybelline Mineral Foundation - Light Ochre for Me

I am not a guru in Make Up world so I make it a point to be familiar with the basics. Good 'reasons' that come with this loot are --- it's not that expensive (Less than a thousand damage is not bad for months of use), the Kabuki brush is a no-fail swipe tool (say goodbye to uneven patches) and lastly, it's good for the skin (think : Minerals).

As we're about to pay the item, my eye caught a glimpse of a pinky-peach fuchsia like color on their shelf. Tried it on, looks good. That and Donna's probing that I only do makeup shopping on a once-a-year basis, I bought it too.
 Pink Peach

Not all lip color suits me. Deep red, Bright red, Plum are among those. I became a regular fan of peach, pink palettes. You may want to dab a little petroleum jelly to cure chapped lips. If you have the luxury of time, a swipe of your fave lip gloss will make you extra-glittery.
 Foundation + Lipstick = Mwah!

Okay, so what's the point? Nothing - it's just that there are times you don't have to make things as complicated as they already are. As for me, I am simply happy to go home with these goodies. -CMK.


  1. A bit of make up really goes a long way! And that lipstick shade is really pretty! :)

  2. Miss K, Does the foundation comes with the kabuki brush? :O


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