Tuesday 13 September 2011

Quiet Moments : Mom & Tina's

While walking through the stretch of Makati, I suddenly remembered how I miss to eat at Mom & Tina's. Then, it rained. I guess there's always a good reason to go where you want to go. The look of the place is more like a home. Big wood pieces for tables and chairs are available. Couches are also up for grabs. If you're familiar within Makati area, 'home' is just a few steps across Greenbelt 5.
I do have a 'sticky feature'. Meaning, I use to order the same gourmet again and again (Yeah, Boring is me). My all time favorite is no other than Fettuccine with Seafood & Basil Pesto - Sauteed shrimp and squid in their very own pesto sauce with grated parmesan cheese with freshly made fettuccine noodles. Served with garlic cheese rolls. A bit pricey but it's worth it. You'll be full even before you had a chance to notice you still have 2 bread awaiting on the side. (see http://momandtinas.com/)
Their coffee is okay too. You have the freedom to ask the waiter your usual specifications. Coffee is a mixture of sweet and strong. But more chocolate-based. It can be a dessert by itself but I'm telling you, once you pass by their gigantic fridge with all those mmmmm goodies, I bet you can't resist the urge of having a full-blown dessert this once.
Since the rain was still falling hard that one fine day, I decided to bring out a paper and pen. Wrote some notable notes that I've been meaning to write. Some to-do lists. Some goals. Some shopping prospectus. Before I knew it, a glimpse of sunshine peeked. I guess it's time to go and face the world again. But as always, an afternoon respite at Mom & Tina's is a well spent breather. Bow. -CMK.
 Perfect Place to Think About Your Life's Plans

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