Wednesday 22 September 2021

Tips when Planning a Backpacking Trip Around Europe

Europe is a continent where people from all over the world come to see its beautiful sights and enjoy its culture. It's also a place that many people want to visit but are not sure how to prepare for it. Of course, you can do many things in advance, like learning about different currencies and packing accordingly, but there may be some other tips when backpacking around Europe that will help make your trip even better. That said, here are some useful ideas to consider when planning your next backpacking trip around the beautiful destinations Europe has to offer!

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#1 Have all your travel documents ready

Before embarking on your European adventure, it is important to make sure you have all of your travel documents with you. This means not only having the right passports but also transportation tickets, hotel reservations and more. It may seem like a lot to plan out, but it will really help ensure that nothing goes wrong on your trip!

Be sure to have all these documents on you while travelling, and keep them in a safe place.

If you are travelling abroad, make sure to look into the specific laws of that country regarding everything you need to know about ETIAS, visas and passports! This will ensure that you don't accidentally break any rules without even knowing it. Not only could this be costly in fines, but you also might risk not being allowed back in the country again if something goes wrong with your visa or passport status. If you have questions, ask a local who can answer all your concerns before going there, so nothing unexpected happens while on vacation.

#2 Have a look at some travel guides

If you are going to a city that has some famous tourist attractions, it is always good to have information about the place in advance. You can do this by having a look at some travel guides online or even on paper before your trip begins, so you know what places interest you and where they are located. This way, while you're there, all of a sudden seeing these landmarks won't be such an overwhelming experience because you will already know their history (if applicable) and significance!

This especially applies when backpacking around Europe during different seasons like winter or summer since weather conditions may vary according to time of year. For example, if it's cold outside, don't forget warm clothes; also, make sure not to wear anything too revealing since it's likely to be colder than where you come from. Also, if it's hot outside, then remember to bring sunscreen and a hat because the sun will be stronger!

On that note, don't forget about packing extra clothes in case something gets wet or stained since you probably won't want to wear dirty clothes during your trip. Plus, there might not always be time for laundry while backpacking around Europe so having some backup shirts is a good idea in this case. Just make sure they can fit in with what else you're bringing along.

#3 Travel during off-season

As mentioned above, travelling during different seasons will mean that conditions may differ. This is especially the case when it comes to price! If you travel in winter or summer, you might find it much more expensive than if you go at other times of the year since there are likely fewer tourists around, which means less demand and lower prices. For example, going backpacking around Europe in spring or fall can be a great idea because this way everything won't seem so crowded with people but still have moderate weather for sightseeing!

In addition to being cheaper, travelling during the off-season also has its benefits outside of cost savings. Since most places aren't busy during these months, they'll probably be putting on special events just for visitors like festivals or fun activities. So this is an excellent opportunity to travel backpacking around Europe and see something that might not be there during other times of the year!

#4 Pack as light as possible

One of the most considerable costs when travelling is paying for baggage! Airline companies know this, and so they charge travellers extra simply to bring along suitcases or other bags since it will be heavy. So it's always a good idea, especially if you're backpacking around Europe and doing some hiking, to pack as little as possible in order not to have to pay any fees because airlines are known for charging much more than necessary just because they can get away with it! 

You should also make sure everything fits inside your bag(s) before leaving home; otherwise, there might be problems at the airport, resulting in even higher prices. Also, don't let them take advantage of you by making things difficult on purpose like that! In addition to luggage fees which might be included in your ticket price or not, bear in mind that even if you don't have to pay for baggage, it's likely easier carrying less, so keep this tip in mind when backpacking around Europe. This way, everything will feel lighter, and the trip should go much smoother because of it!

That being said, there are definitely some essential items to bring along with you when travelling, such as a first-aid kit. Make sure to put this under TSA regulations; otherwise, they'll cause more problems than they're worth by refusing what is actually allowed according to their own rules! It's also important just as a general safety measure since accidents can happen at any time, and medical treatment may not always be available depending on where you are and what's going on.

#5 Watch out for tourist scams

Europe is known to be a hotspot for scammers, especially those travelling backpacking around Europe. Be wary of anyone who tries to talk to you or seems overly helpful because they may just want your money! Make sure that if someone does approach you, then it's likely safe before doing anything and never let yourself get separated from the group since this can easily lead to much more serious problems than necessary, such as theft, mugging, etc. If these things do happen, though, make sure not to resist, which could result in physical harm; instead, give up whatever valuables are being asked without argument as soon as possible, so no one gets hurt during the process. 

Remember that this is just a general safety tip for anyone travelling anywhere, not just those going backpacking around Europe! It's always important to keep caution in mind because many different situations can arise, so it's good practice to take these kinds of precautions as often as possible since they may save your life one day when least expected! Use common sense whenever you're out on the town, especially if carrying expensive items such as cell phones or cameras with entire memories worth keeping safe at all costs.

#6 Look for hidden gems

Europe is a massive continent with much to see and do! It's full of hidden gems where tourists rarely go, which makes them even more worth visiting since you'll have the place all to yourself for as long as you want or at least until someone else decides they'd like to come after seeing your pictures on social media. Not only that, but these places often will be incredibly beautiful, so it's definitely worthwhile taking advantage of those opportunities since there won't likely be another time in your life when such serenity can still exist anywhere near civilization!


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