Sunday 3 November 2019


If there’s anything that makes life worth living, it’s the social connections and loving relationships we can develop. Life would be peaceful yet simply not the same if we neglected to develop friendships, even if we have less than adequate success in the dating field. However, one of the largest mistakes that anyone can make is assuming that they are owed friendships, that in adulthood they should form as easily as in their younger years.

No, friendships, just like a romantic relationship, need work to stay alive. They should be considered akin to a fire being kindled, rather than a mission to ‘complete’. It’s often the little things that can make a profound difference here. For example, you may find that the simple art of letting someone know you are thinking about them can help you express your true feelings, be that platonic or romantic. *This is a partnership post.

Just think of how you would feel to be on the receiving end of this. Sure, you may not have had this kind of treatment in the past, but then again, being the change you wish to see is often the best measure going forward. Please, consider:

Write Them A Letter
Letters are too rare these days. We often expect to see correspondence from our employer or relating to our bills when accepting mail, perhaps even Christmas or birthday cards, but rarely an actual handcrafted letter someone has taken the time to write. This is often quite understandable. After all, it’s not altogether common for people to even have a collection of stamps within their home they can use.

However, acquiring them is easy, and while it may be tempting to send that text or write that email, writing a letter can give you a sense of authenticity that you may not have had otherwise. Writing about a topic you both enjoy, telling someone how much you appreciate them, recounting memories you have enjoyed together or simply making conversation for conversation’s sake can show you have sat down and spent time writing this, which can be thoroughly fun and endearing for both parties. You lose nothing through this process, so why not follow it?

Send Them A Postcard
When on our travels, it’s customary to send a postcard along to a recipient to show them where you are staying. However, it can also be even more worthwhile to use services such as MyPostcard, as they can quite easily help you transfer a beautifully printed photograph of yourself, giving a custom sense of real personality to however you choose to contact your loved ones. Going that extra mile for something like this can show you are truly interested in making their day, and this intention alone will likely achieve this for both of you in kind.

Gift Them Out Of Nowhere
An impromptu gift can make anyone feel special, especially if it has some careful and appreciative thought behind it. Gifting them with very little prompting, such as a birthday or other event, can feel all the more important. Additionally, if you’re on your travels, it can show that distance is no preventative measure to help you send them something to brighten up their day. It needn’t be anything expensive, or over the top. Perhaps you’ve found some clothing of a designer brand for very cheap in an international market, or maybe you’ve had a local artist paint a rendition of your friend for very cheap. It’s these measures that can often be the most thoroughly loveable, and they may even bring your friend to loving tears.

Remember, it’s almost never the materialistic or dollar value amount that matters. It’s in the time you have spent considering the item and showing them that you care. For example, picking up a few shells from a beach you think they might like is infinitely more valuable than purchasing them a TV while abroad because you found a discount, and while that doesn’t sound true, from an emotional perspective it truly is.

Invite Them To Something Important
Inviting a close friend or someone you care about to an important gathering is a great way of saying ‘I would like to invest one of the most important things I have in you - my time.’ It might be that you have a work party and a plus one, or perhaps you have tickets for a theatre show you’d like to see. Trust us, this decision to bring someone with you can be the most valuable of them all.

With this advice, you’re certain to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

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