Sunday 6 October 2019


As the temperatures start to drop, I am quick to imbibe a wardrobe full of neutrals. I see myself reaching for my trusty colour scheme, from camels and browns to greys and blacks. However, Fall 2019 runways are infusing our usual neutral palette with shades of muted pastels. One colour trend that's dominating this year's runway is pistachio green. I was browsing through the fall collection of a Swedish fashion store that is called & Other Stories when I spotted a rack full of jumpers with pastel colours! I never had any clothing that is pistachio green so it's a no brainer for me this time!

1. Fuzzy sweater in Pistachio Green from & Other Stories
2. Cable-knit cotton Jumper in Hunter Navy from Ralph Lauren
3. Knitted jumper in Mustard Yellow from H&M
4. Sweater with white piping in Navy Blue from Zara (can't find a link, sorry, I bought this last year)
5. Basic long sleeve sweater in Camel Brown from Zara
6. Cropped jumper in Christmas red from Femme Luxe (gifted from the brand)
7. Heattech long sleeve in black from Uniqlo
8. Not shown since it's on the way: Pure Cashmere Crew-Neck Jumper in fuchsia pink from Marks & Spencer

For knitwears, I recommend that you check the fabric composition. When I was younger, I never looked into those little tags that says which % is cotton, etc. It looks the same so why should I bother with the fabric composition, right? Well, not quite. I noticed at the peak of each winter, I appreciate my tops with more cashmere or wool material. While I am generally brand agnostic, I'm afraid my Primark top left me shivering while waiting for my train! I found a hack though, wear a uniqlo heat tech vest underneath. Noteworthy to mention that high street brands have nice tops too. Be mindful and choose tops with more wool, cashmere or cotton %. Stay away from artificial (plastic) materials like polyester and acrylic. Viscose is a hybrid between artificial and natural so you may get away with that. Now I understand why some tops are more expensive than the others even with an almost identical style, it boils down to whether the article is made up of plastic or natural materials. I suggest you try it next time you go shopping, check out those little tags. PS: Try to be discrete or you'll be mistaken as a fashion nerd! :) -CMK


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