Monday 21 January 2019


Sometimes, fashion isn’t always about the clothes that you’re wearing. It’s about the accessories that you’re pairing with your outfit that tie everything together. The great thing about accessories is that they are interchangeable and there are so many that a girl can wear that it’s almost difficult to decide what to pair with your outfits. However, accessories can be overused, so we’ve compiled a quick guide on simple accessories that will make a statement without the need for tonnes of others to accompany it.

Hats It’s no secret that something that’s covering your head is going to completely change the direction of your outfit, so if you really want to make a statement this year, consider trying out different styles of hats to pair with your outfits! There are so many styles of hats to choose from that suit different seasons, different occasions, and even different moods! *This is a partnership post.
Rings Another accessory that is simple but bold, is the ring. Whether you’re the type to wear multiple rings with different gems, or you’d prefer a single diamond ring like, rings without a doubt make an outfit change from smart to classy smart, or even relaxed to super chilled.
Watches Watches are more useful than you think. While many of us use them to tell the time, they are also now a very desired fashion accessory. The best bit? They go with pretty much anything and you can personalise your watch straps to your outfit! Want to look professional? Put a watch on! Fancy a laid back look? Opt for a bangle-style watch strap for a perfect addition to your outfit.
Scarves Scarves are a wonderful accessory, especially at this time of year. With the colder weather still upon us, we pretty much need to wear our scarves to keep warm. Luckily, they make for a simple yet brilliant accessory that can class up or dress down any outfit. Take a look at this range of fashionable scarves to see what we mean!

Handbags Finally, no woman should be without a handbag to accompany her outfit but these days we’re getting more clever. Many handbags have the same feature as watches - interchangeable straps! If you want to look like you mean business, go for a leather strap that matches your bag and colour scheme. If you’re heading shopping with your girlfriends, why not switch it up for a chain-style strap for extra added glam!


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