Saturday 26 January 2019


Let's face it, winter is the season when warmth trumps everything! Or maybe that's just me? My hands and ears are the first one to go numb especially when I am outdoors during chilly evenings. I still wear nice clothes underneath but I make sure I am cosy inside and that's a priority. Nobody wants to catch a flu at this time of the year! My first winter seasons in the UK was a honeymoon phase. I thought I can get by with winter clothes that look like one but do not feel like one. However, the longer I stay in the country, the more I realised that you have to invest in good winter apparel. I don't have a truckload of winter clothes but I have a handful that I'd happily wear over and over (after washing them of course!).

1. Uniqlo. These two (below) are my most worn inner layers to date. My duvet jacket (as I call it) is from the same brand too. They are on the pricier side but it's all worth it. They recently launched an ultra-warm heat tech range and it lives up to its name (to a certain degree). 2. UGGs. It feels like you are walking in a warm carpet even if you are braving a super cold wintry street, that's all I can say. It's not the nicest to look at but you know what? When it's really chilly, your girl can't be bothered. 3. Marks & Spencer (cashmere range). I wasn't a believer of cashmeres before. Maybe because I can't justify how expensive they are until last year. I got a gift voucher and embracing a minimalist lifestyle, I wanted to buy something that is functional. It took me a while to get used to it - it's not itchy but my skin had an adjustment phase. After a while, I am literally living on my black crew neck cashmere jumper every office day. 4. Ted Baker. Their coats are pretty and cosy. It's not as warm as a puffer jacket but when the temperature is bearable, you can get away with it. I like that you can put up those lovely collars so you can close your coat fully.

Picture 1:📍 Szentgotthárd, Hungary | Picture 2: 📍St. Pauls, London United Kingdom -CMK


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