Friday 25 January 2019


Consider this is a sequel to my previous post on HOW TO BEAT JANUARY BLUES? I find that as winter progresses, I adapt faster and the gloominess is not as intense as it was right after Christmas. Yep, we've all been there. After all the festivities, we are finally back to reality and I think this is why having a job that we like is important. With weather plummeting from below 10 degrees, it's so easy to ask bleak questions such as what is life? and so on. If your'e nodding your head, then stay with me:

1. Explore local places around my area. I plan to do a separate blog post on this. I got a list of all the places I want to visit spring and summer 2019. 2. Try cross stitching (or any hobby that's NOT involving screen). It's so therapeutic and for a system consultant like myself, it allows me to switch off and just enjoy the colours from my stitching pattern. Some finds this utterly boring but check out what's out there. Gab, for example, loves puzzles. He's doing a 3,000 piece these days. I don't have the patience for puzzles. 3. Spring clean (you got it, even before spring!). I'm sure we're all familiar with Marie Kondo but on whatever scale, we can reduce clutter in our lives. And by clutter, I'm talking about people and things alike. 4. For an hour each day, do your admin stuff. To reduce the pain of doing 'that' mundane tasks, just set a timer and whether you're finished or not, just stop and schedule it for another day. 5. Brain dump your thoughts. Just put your thoughts to pen and paper. It works for me. It's my way of telling myself that yes - I acknowledge these things and yes, I will deal with it at this time (it helps if you put a deadline to make sure it will actually be dealt with in the future).

Picture above was taken near Southbank Centre. Coat is from Ted Baker. Brown Animal Snake Print Silk Shirt Dress is from Femme Luxe UK (HERE). Leggings and vest are from Uniqlo. Bag is from Coach. HERE's an unboxing post. Finally, boots is from Geox. -CMK


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