Friday 7 December 2018


Picadilly Circus. That's where we were last night for Google Pixel 3 curiosity room experience.  Heads up: this is not a sponsored post. It's just that Gab has always been a fan of Pixel phones. In fact, he uses Pixel for over a year now. I got a question from one of my readers on what camera do I usually use, the answer? Google Pixel (thanks Gab!). This is one of the areas where we agree to disagree. I am an Apple user all the way. I got a MacBook Pro, an iPhone, was gifted an iPad and am thinking about buying an air pod (but each time I talk myself out of it). Yep... I am one of 'those' people. Happily, I should add. Apple ecosystem works best for me because I like things clean and simple (and that's not Windows, thank you next).

It's my first time to attend a tech event like these and boy, I was impressed. I hate to sound like a glutton but I have to let it out... for a fussy eater like me, the food exceeded my expectations! They serve mini plates and they didn't taste like cardboard. They are so good that we like to ask who the caterer is! They served jackfruit 'chicken' nuggets, halloumi fries, pulled chicken bun, oxtail mac & cheese and get this... salted caramel ice cream with chocolate puffs! Apple should be feeding me like this considering the amount of products I bought from them #justsaying! :)

Food aside, Google Curiosity room is a 3-floor wonder. They have a giant slide! For real! Here's the proof of me sliding away! We attended a talk on How GQ and WIRED shot their new covers. It's very interesting for me since obviously I maintain this blog for seven years now. Pixel phones, hands down, are the best in terms of photo quality. Google photos are life changing too! Without these arsenals, and Gab's ace photography of course, blogging won't be easy for me. As always, all the photos on this post are taken by a Google pixel phone. If not for iMessage and the ability to answer calls from my MacBook, I would have probably swapped my iPhone in favour of Pixel.

I really had a great time that evening. Every corner is aesthetically pleasing and they thought of everything. They have a video and photo booth plus all instagram worthy nooks. Google Pixel definitely knows how to throw a proper party! I'd say they even brought it to the next level. If you're in London, you can visit Google Pixel in Picadilly circus. It's free but you need to book it. I hope there's still a slot but give it a try! Link is HERE.

As for my OOTD, it's a red blazer coat, viscose camel jumper with gold button details, black trousers with silver button details - all from Zara, Daniel Wellington watch and ankle boots from Geox. -CMK


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