Thursday 6 December 2018


"Don't grow up, it's a trap!" That's one of my all time favourite quotes - and it always come to my mind whenever I visit fairs like winter wonderland! Each year, one of the royal parks - Hyde Park to be exact - turns into this magical place your 8-year-old self will ever dream of! Winter Wonderland has always been special to me. When Gab and myself were walking last Tuesday night, it occurred to me that this was where we took our first selfie picture! That was Christmas 2015, where has the time gone? Visiting Winter Wonderland has become our little tradition. Each Christmas time, we always make it a point to visit the place and I will never get tired of it!

What's my favourite thing to do? To EAT of course! I got a classic bratwurst sausage, sauerkraut, potato with bacon, a cup of strawberries with milk chocolate and a sip of mulled wine. As if those were not enough, I would like to get a chimney cake but found out they accept only cash (can you feel my disappointment right there?). Tip: Be ready to walk and walk and walk. OOTD? You might ask. It's a cashmere black jumper from Marks & Spencer, Heat Tech leggings from Uniqlo, animal print skirt from New Look and velvet ankle boots from Geox. There's something magical about theme parks, maybe it's the fact that you can forget all your adult self and be a kid once more, even for an hour or two. -CMK


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