Monday 31 December 2018

28TH: THANK YOU, 2018!

It feels like last week when I posted OH, HELLO 2018 but here we are on the final half day of this year. There's so much to be said especially on a milestone period like this but for today, I just want to honour all the good tidings and learnings that 2018 has brought in my life.

I got engaged. Compared to what is the norm these days, my engagement was a very simple, quiet one. Tucked in a quiet spot in an island in Croatia, Gab has asked me the easiest question I had to answer. Our love story is unconventional and is not exempted from challenges but I am left with profound appreciation on where this love has led us. That said, we need to plan the wedding soon! Compared to when I was younger, I prefer a stress-free wedding as much as possible. I know that's too much to ask but really, I want to spend the day not being a host but being in the moment as we celebrate this wonderful rendezvous.

Made good progress on fitness department. Having tried most of the weight loss trick in the book, I am so happy to report that I finally cracked the code and it's right under my nose peoples! It's a good old food moderation {cos your girl will forever love chocolates, let's be clear on that} and running {gym outfits alert!}. I pledged to hate running before but I take that back. I am not saying I have arrived because I haven't yet {especially with all the yummy goodies I've inhaled the past days} but I choose to celebrate the good. Good is good, you know!

I am happy with where I am at work. I had a career crossroad middle of this year and in a nutshell, I am so glad with the life decisions I've made in terms of professional moves or otherwise. There's no perfect job {news flash, right?} but if you are at least 80% happy with your work and it ticks all your non-negotiable, then it IS good enough. Our society has programmed us to have this all-or-nothing mindset but if you read about people who are genuinely happy, you'll find out that contentment, acceptance and a good outlook are necessary to achieve that state.

I'd like to think I've done my share of kindness this year. "You are soooo kind Kristine. It warms my heart that there are people like you in the world. Thank you... Thanks for your caring - it means a lot. See you next week, have a fabulous weekend." I received this message from one of my friends a couple of months back and it's inexplicable. You know that feeling when you've done something nice and they appreciate it? Ahh, priceless. The world is already full of judgmental people and assholes, what the world needs is someone who is kind and non-threatening. Let's try to be the latter.

I encourage you to sit down for five minutes and try to recall what a year 2018 was. With that, I guess there's nothing left to say but a very happy 2019 to you and your loved ones! -CMK


  1. Wow. I loved reading this, especially about the work stuff.
    I really love the simplicity of your blog.

    And congratulations on the engagement.


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