Tuesday 18 December 2018


Only 7 days before Christmas, you can feel the excitement building up all over London! I've done my share of watching cheesy, Christmasy Netlfix films like The Princess Switch and Love the Coopers. Tree was up from the 1st of December and our gift list is nearly done. What's left for us is to plough through some more days at work and then... 21st December we are off to Vienna, Austria to immerse ourselves on the mother of all Christmas markets! I just can't explain my feeling when walking into a Christmas market. It's so surreal, I can't help but squeak, giggle and jump! As I've mentioned HERE, I have an appointment with Winter Wonderland each December. The same is true for London Southbank (near Waterloo) Christmas market. First picture source.

Here are some tips when basking through this happy place:
* Wear comfortable shoes (I will wear my UGG's at Vienna, make no mistake!).
* If it's outside (which is most of the time) wear appropriate weather attire (Uniqlo is a good brand).
* Plan your eating strategy. I can't believe I said that. Lol. Don't stuff yourself in one go - make room for German sausage, sauerkraut, hot potatoes with bacon strawberries dipped in Belgian chocolate and a sip of mulled wine).
* Survey the whole place first (if you're not overly hungry) then decide after.
* Bring cash (some booths don't accept card).
* Inhale the moment. We usually take a couple of pictures and then put our phone inside our bag and just enjoy the present.
* Schedule your exercise the next day (or the day after next). 

On a serious note, I ask you to remember the nameless and faceless people who are not having the best times of their lives. Those who are sad and grieving, people who have big challenges this season. I pray that God will give them courage to soldier on and here's to believing that good days are ahead of us. Merry Christmas. -CMK


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