Saturday 15 December 2018


Buying a fresh diary at the start of each year will always be my little tradition. Yes, most of my diaries have 80% unused pages but that won't stop me from looking forward each year-end to get a new one! I just find the whole process therapeutic, diary shopping that is. It started about 10 years ago. I got a black hardback cover diary (or planner) and I really enjoyed putting my thoughts to pen and paper. I didn't look back ever since. It's hard to find a diary that ticks all my boxes. Firstly, it has to have a monthly view, then it should be blank (not lined) pages. Lastly, it has to be simple (not too busy). After so may scrolls and unfinished check-out carts (am I the only one?) I finally decided to buy a customised Striped Colourblock Pink & Red 2019 from Papier.

I got it during their 20% off black Friday promo and I'm proud to report that this is the only thing that I bought last black Friday! Before I write this post, I scribbled some letters here and there and it is good. It's a hard covered one, a customised version (that's a very good touch) and the pages are smooth to write on. The two things I'm not too happy about are: a) the pages bleed a wee bit and b) the hard back cover is looks a little bit tacky. You won't see it on picture but if you feel it, my previous 2018 planner has a better, texturised cover. Considering it's on a more expensive price point, I expect the quality to be superior.

Overall, I am happy to greet {and plan} 2019 on my Papier planner. Having my name on it feels so extra! What are your mini-traditions that you look forward to do each December? -CMK


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