Sunday 30 September 2018


I've always been a Southwest-London-type-of-gal. I remember my first glimpse of London was across Pret A Manger in Kingston. That was Spring 2014. Gosh, so many things have happened in between! Before I seriously stroll down the memory lane, let's get going. After Kingston, I lived for about a year in Wimbledon. Those times were one of the memorable times of my life! I've never been happier working with my colleagues who are more than that, they are a family to me! After Wimbledon, I've moved near Bermondsey (see related flat tour HERE) and summer of this year, I found a new home at UNCLE (yep, that's the name of the building)! Why do you move so frequent, Kristine? You might ask. My candid answer would be, why not? 🙃Seriously, I think being single is the best time to try new things out there. I reckon one of the benefits of renting a flat (just yet) is you have the flexibility of trying one new place to another. I always try to look for new developments and to my surprise UNCLE's 45-storey building right in between Kennington and Elephant & Castle tube station offers just that!

I have had a fair share of landlords that... let's just say will bring out the monster in you but equally I've been with one that became my friend too. It's a lottery, really. That being said, I have a long laundry list of questions to Jam & Kerry of UNCLE. I've been bitten more than once, so... Thankfully, they were so accommodating throughout the whole process. I am so happy I've made the decision to make a move because I've never been so satisfied to call this slender, yellow and grey building my home! 

Minimalist | Clean | Wooden
If I'll put a caption on my overall style that would be it. I opted for wood, bamboo given a choice, as it's a living, breathing material. The wooden cabinet houses most of the books and documents, whilst the desk on the left is a cool one... it's a standing desk. Jarvis (that's the desk name) was shipped from Belgium by a brand called Fully. There's a scarcity of a quality standing desk in the market and this one is quite an investment. However, standing desk is one of the things that can be used all throughout the year so it's worth every penny in my opinion. Another thing is I use a projector instead of a TV. Sofa is a convertible one which is handy for guest sleepovers. You'll see a full length mirror where all of the OOTD selfies happen. Lol. Both dining table and coffee table are from IKEA. As you can see, my place is very simple and barren to some extent. I like it that way. I think I'm at a stage in my life that I want to have a blank space after an exciting and sometimes tiring day of meetings and strolling around London.

I don't have a spare body, so...
I need to take good care of it. This has been my mantra for about two years now. It dawned on me that I only have one body and I have to go out of my way if needed to nourish it. This does not equate to only eating and exercising but more so allowing myself to rid of all the negativity around me. If I was shown a white paper with a red dot on it and was asked 'what do I see?'... I'll probably answer: "I see a red dot." Equally, the white paper is there but I fail to acknowledge it. Human nature, right? So many times, I am focusing on a tiny red dot in an otherwise thousand white paper dots and therefore causing undue - and mostly self induced - stress upon my soul. This has to stop and the good news is I (and you) have the power to shift our lenses to the 'white paper dots' in our lives.

My kitchen is the only compromise from my old flat. It is a wee bit smaller and I don't have a kitchen counter. However, something's got to give. Good to know that I have quality equipment to help me with my household chores. Flat is fully furnished with Siemens appliances - from hob, microwave, dishwasher (yep, still non-negotiable!) and washing machine. I got the trusty Nutribullet here and my masticating juicer that I need to use more often especially now that winter's coming! The wooden vibe continues over here and I just love making home made food in this lovely area.

I am still not ready to show you my bedroom and bathroom but when I am you'll definitely see it. My bathroom has a nice bath and bedroom has this view. I am thinking of publishing another post about the general flat amenities but in case I forget, it's worth mentioning that UNCLE has a gym and a massive chilling lounge on the 45th floor. The lounge gives you a 365 view of London and it is a sight to behold! Living in London has its charm, beneath its busy and fast paced facade you can find your way to some form of a respite... it can be a whole lot of things but to me, a respite that I always look forward to is this 4-letter word... home 🏡! -CMK.


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